Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

I started this post last night (at 11:54 pm).  I uploaded my pictures, sorted through them, edited them, saved them and then ATTEMPTED to upload to my Flickr account.  That attempt lasted until I threw my hands up in frustration and went to bed (at 2 am).  And of course, the pictures uploaded on my first try this morning!  So, sorry this is late!

We had fun celebrating Cinco de Mayo!  To me it's all about the food - and I love cooking for different holidays!  My family loves Mexican food in general, so this was a perfect excuse to whip out the favorites and do a little something special.

Cheese enchiladas...a family favorite ever since I was a child

Corn chips and Chicharrones (my new favorite low carb snack - especially with guacamole)!  Notice our fine dining ware...I call it "china a la sectioned plastic dinner plate."

I wasn't quick enough to get a good shot of the guacamole.  We're serious about our guacamole around these here parts...

And then I said, "Let them eat cake!"  And served up a super-yummy (although I didn't taste it myself) Tres Leches Cake!  Recipe curtesy of The Pioneer Woman.  I added 1/8 tsp almond extract to the whipped cream "icing".  It goes beautifully with the cherries.

Too bad she didn't enjoy her cake more...

Payton was pretty stoked about it too

But this little guy was most happy about his little slice of heaven.  Zeke is finally getting over a nasty bout with Gastroenteritis, caused by the Rotavirus.  It was awful!  The poor kid threw up for three days straight (plus diarrhea, lethargy, high fever, etc)!  He ended up with a prescription for Zofran (to stop the vomitting) and sips of flat coke to get some sugar in his system.  We had the afternoon on Tuesday to keep liquids down him, and if not, he would need to go in for and IV.  Thank goodness he improved dramatically and by Tuesday evening was eating Cheerios and bananas!  He ate voraciously all day Wednesday.  The poor kid was starving!  The diarrhea lasted a couple days more, and now he's good as new! 

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Pinky said...

Oh Boy! Yes Please! That looks soooo good! We celebrated with a little Chili Verde and warm tortillas. But I have been dying to try that Tres Leche Cake! I'm so glad Bup's feeling better! We were worried.... But look at those beautiful eyes! He looks good as new!
Love YOU!!