Saturday, May 8, 2010

Corvallis CARDV 5k Race

Today was the annual CARDV Mother's Day charity race.  My dear friend, Katie organized our little group to participate - it was SO much fun!
Our fun group before the race: Julie, Katie, Joleane and I

We just HAD to pose with Benny the Beaver (decked out in his baseball uniform).  We did it for the least that's what we tell ourselves!

A small portion of the crowd that would join us along the way!  There were a ton of people there (I was quite surprised)! 

I spotted this gal, who later introduced herself as Tova, and just had to get a picture of that shirt!  Her little group was a blast to be around.  They called themselves "Team Lava" and she added, "We're slow...but we're HOT!"

And they're off!

It was so beautiful out there!  We took the bike path down past the skate park and headed to Avery Park (the half-way point), then turned around and came back.

I carried my camera with me the whole time (my smaller backup camera, that is), and I'm so glad I did!  I loved being able to jump out and catch a shot here and there.  Even if many of them did turn out like this:

It still shows the beauty of this area that I live in!

We did it!
What a wonderful opportunity to bring awareness for such a great cause!  I feel honored to have been able to participate - especially the day before Mother's Day!  Thank you ladies, I had a blast!  Next one...Portland Marathon...we shall see!

One of the gorgeous sculptures that line the waterfront streets.  I just love this town!


Kate the Great said...

Nice final picture of me... bleh.

I am so sad that we can't seem to find that running group that Tovah was talking about. I'm going to try and call CARDVA on Monday and see if they can help me find them.

Had so much fun!

Rebecca said...

Way to go Stephanie!! I got to do a marathon with Julie too! Isn't she fabulous! It's so beautiful in Oregon right now! I miss it lots!

Joo Lin said...

Nice job ladies! The CARDV Race was my first 5K a couple years ago. It was a nice route.

Anonymous said...

As a CARDV Board member, it is wonderful to see your photos, but more importantly to read your comments and sense that you know the importance of our run for awareness and fund-raising for such an important cause. Thank you so much for joining in, enjoying yourselves, and hope to see you in 2011!

Stephanie said...

Dear Anonymous CARDV Board Member - I'm so glad you found my blog. Small world! We loved the race and will definitely be doing it again next year (and I will document it)! Can't wait!

Thank you for bringing awareness to such a worthy cause! i♥activism