Sunday, May 2, 2010

Easter Recap 2010

Yeah...I'm so far behind on getting my pictures on here, that I figured it may be Christmas before I got our Easter pics up!  Ok, I'm working on it!  Here are a few of the eggs the kids dyed.  We had such a nice afternoon dying Easter Eggs!
Can you tell which one was my favorite?  Well, it's DEFINITELY NOT the one that I pictured twice. the heck are ya?  I'm so glad my wonderful friends and family still check my blog - even when I neglect it for long periods of time!  Yes, I have read your emails...and I'm getting myself back on track...promise. 

I have lots (hundreds) of pictures I've been working on.  I'll get them up little-by-little (not all of them, mind you).  And I may get around to making a new banner...but I'm not promising anything.

Nana and Papa's backyard in preparation for the cousins Easter Egg Hunt (the parents got a little over-zealous and filled some 200+ eggs)!

My cute nephew

Serious business: Avonleigh searched high and low for those eggs! (Please disregard the two yellow eggs that she doesn't appear to notice)

See those bulging baskets?  Yeah...we may have filled a few too many eggs...

Payton collected ONLY the pink eggs...I wonder if she needs to go to PA (you know, Pink Anonymous)!  PS - she also dressed herself...I'm just sayin'

Uh oh...she heard me...
Are you talkin' to me?!

Another cutie nephew...are those eyes RIDICULOUS or what?!

Oh baby boy!  You and your electronics scare me already!

Papa joined in on the fun!

What a fabulous Easter we had!  Thank you family!

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