Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Family Fun Photoshoot Sneak Peak

Now, I admit, I'm a bit prejudice, this happens to be my sister-in-law and her family - but are they not just adorable?!! 
True Beaver fans!!  Love you guys!

My favorite photos are the candids.  Just before I snapped this; one kid frowned, one closed her eyes, one got down on her knee and mom is trying to wrangle them all back to their positions!  And to top it off, the wonderful child with Autism is the only one who is looking right at me and smiling!  I truly love this photo!

Mom and her girls
The boys

This little vogue girl just couldn't get enough posing time - how cute is she?!!

Thanks for a wonderful visit!  We miss you guys already!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Girls on the Run 5K - Avonleigh's first!

It was so exciting to have Avonleigh run with me in her very first 5k race!
Here we are in the truck before we left the house.

Avonleigh and I standing by our friends' business tent. If you're in the Corvallis area and looking for a great chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr. Jason Young of Body of Health Chiropractic!

The finish line.  Funny story.  It's been so wet from all the rain and part of the path was flooded, so they re-routed the course so we ended up running one direction, turning around and going back to the finish line, only to continue on up the path until we reached the turn-around, then ran back to the finish line!  It was crazy, we kept thinking we were getting close to being done...eventually we got there!

Post-race thumbs up!  I'm so proud of her!  My little athlete came in 2nd in her age division (5 yrs and under), just behind our friends' daughter.

She had a great time (even if she looks less-than-enthused in the picture)!  She's been scouting out more 5k races ever since.  And she's been inspirational in getting the older kids more interested in running (or at least coming to the track with me so they can ride their bikes)!

Keep it up Choochie!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Goodbye May...goodbye rain?

This was the ONLY sunny day in May...really, wettest month in forever!

"Hey May...are you out there?"  What's with all the rain?

Zeke pre haircut.  He was so happy to have his Radio Flyer red wagon out there!

And in he goes

The view from the top.  Have I mentioned how much I love Corvallis?  Good, just checking.

Zeke just wanted to be out of his stroller...
Once out, he only wanted to be held.  I'll miss it when he grows out of the I'm-my-moms-biggest-fan-phase!
Coming down...she got going a bit too fast, and her little legs just couldn't keep up!

Mmm hmmm...and then it rained the rest of the month!

And hailed...this was MAY people!

Crazy, crazy weather

But it sure did make for some crazy-beautiful sunsets!

Wrapping up May activities

LIGHTEN UP!  I loved the theme of this years Fine Arts Night at Christopher's school!  The kids were amazing and I am ever-so-impressed with the music teachers they have there! 

My little cowboy!  He was part of a trio that sang a super-cute song called "Cowboy's Lament."  This kid adores music and really loves to sing!
After earning his Wolf badge and moving up! He's got such great leaders!
Christopher had his last pack meeting of the he was playing charades and trying to figure out how to act out "Dora the Explorer." He was so embarrassed with this one! Because really, how many 9-year-old boys want to act like they know who Dora the Explorer is?

Preschool Prom

All of my kids have gone to the same fabulous preschool.  This was Avonleigh's last year (after 3 years)!  The end-of-the-year pictures are coming, really....they are...

Avonleigh and her prom date and bestest buddy, "C" (code name, Sheepie)

My girls

Payton had ZERO desire to get dressed up, but INSISTED on having her hair curled and lips glossed.
What a gal!
PS - you're going to see the grey Nike sweatshirt A LOT.  It is her favorite item of clothing right now...I hope this phase passes quickly!

Hair today, gone tomorrow

My little Payton Jean...I love this kid!  She snuck into a bedroom whilst company was visiting and CHOPPED herself some BANGS!  I didn't even notice until after the company had left and I was throwing some stuff away...and saw a wad of honey-colored hair in the garbage.  I knew exactly who it was (besides the obvious hair color).  If anyone is going to cause serious mischief in this's going to be Payton.

This was after I tried evening out the chunks and chops - trust me, I KNOW it's bad!

She was so proud of herself...even after a good scolding.  This is the THIRD time she's done this (and each time it gets more extreme).  What am I going to do with this child?

She TOTALLY rocked the mullet!

The next morning I took her into the salon and had it chopped off.

Everyone there Oohed and Ahhhed over her.
And she loved it even more.  I hope I didn't send the wrong message here...
I must admit, I think it turned out darling!

Our Favorite Feline

We have a funny little cat named...drum rolllll please...BIG CAT!  He's so good to let the kids torture him with things like playing dress up, playing baby, drag-the-cat and my personal favorite: how-many-times-can-I-poke-the-cat-before-he-hisses-and-bats-at-my-face. 
Hey - they've gotta learn.
Did I mention that he came to us declawed? 

Yeah, my kids have no idea how good they have it.  Some of us had to learn the old-fashioned way (and still have the scars to prove it).

Love you, Big Kitty!