Monday, June 28, 2010

Goodbye May...goodbye rain?

This was the ONLY sunny day in May...really, wettest month in forever!

"Hey May...are you out there?"  What's with all the rain?

Zeke pre haircut.  He was so happy to have his Radio Flyer red wagon out there!

And in he goes

The view from the top.  Have I mentioned how much I love Corvallis?  Good, just checking.

Zeke just wanted to be out of his stroller...
Once out, he only wanted to be held.  I'll miss it when he grows out of the I'm-my-moms-biggest-fan-phase!
Coming down...she got going a bit too fast, and her little legs just couldn't keep up!

Mmm hmmm...and then it rained the rest of the month!

And hailed...this was MAY people!

Crazy, crazy weather

But it sure did make for some crazy-beautiful sunsets!


Sarah Z said...

love the pics steph! It sounds like the may we had here...SNOW!!! crazy mother nature huh?

Bonnie-Jean said...

I love the pictures especially the one of the leaf. I miss Corvallis but Hawaii's nice too. :)

Stephanie said...

Hey Sarah! I know, I'll take rain over snow!

Bonnie-Jean - thank you! Corvallis is nice, but I'd give anything just to visit Hawaii!

Pauline said...

That sunset picture is absolutely gorgeous!