Monday, June 28, 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow

My little Payton Jean...I love this kid!  She snuck into a bedroom whilst company was visiting and CHOPPED herself some BANGS!  I didn't even notice until after the company had left and I was throwing some stuff away...and saw a wad of honey-colored hair in the garbage.  I knew exactly who it was (besides the obvious hair color).  If anyone is going to cause serious mischief in this's going to be Payton.

This was after I tried evening out the chunks and chops - trust me, I KNOW it's bad!

She was so proud of herself...even after a good scolding.  This is the THIRD time she's done this (and each time it gets more extreme).  What am I going to do with this child?

She TOTALLY rocked the mullet!

The next morning I took her into the salon and had it chopped off.

Everyone there Oohed and Ahhhed over her.
And she loved it even more.  I hope I didn't send the wrong message here...
I must admit, I think it turned out darling!



hahaha...I did not know the reason you chopped it all off. How horrible.

Jessica said...

Cute! She is totally the female version of Corbin. Or should I say Corbin is the male version of her, since she is older?!