Monday, June 28, 2010

Preschool Prom

All of my kids have gone to the same fabulous preschool.  This was Avonleigh's last year (after 3 years)!  The end-of-the-year pictures are coming, really....they are...

Avonleigh and her prom date and bestest buddy, "C" (code name, Sheepie)

My girls

Payton had ZERO desire to get dressed up, but INSISTED on having her hair curled and lips glossed.
What a gal!
PS - you're going to see the grey Nike sweatshirt A LOT.  It is her favorite item of clothing right now...I hope this phase passes quickly!


Sarah Z said...

I hardly recognized Peytin in that last pic with her new haircut. She looks so grown up!

Kate the Great said...

Avonleigh and Sheepie look so cute together in their little outfits. I can't believe that they are done at preschool there. Three years seemed to go by way too fast.