Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chris & Noelle: Engagement Session

This cute couple is getting married next month!  They were such fun to shoot and I'm really looking forward to doing their wedding and reception!  Thanks Chris & Noelle!

Ooh la la

I will always be in love with silhouettes

I love the look on Noelle's face.  It should be said that she had 3 siblings and their 3 friends laughing at them during this shot.  They were such good sports though!

Ahhh young love

I love me some sun flare!

Warm, delicious country-ness (countriness?) - is that a word?  I don't care; that's what it was!

Noelle has a beautiful laugh

They love their car "Abby" and wanted to be sure to include her in some photos!  How fun is that?

I love this one...the color, the expressions, so fun!

This is one that will be on their announcements

This was one of our last shots as we were finishing up.  Chris & Noelle started back to the car and I couldn't help but snap a shot of them walking away.  The sun was just setting and as you can see, the moon was coming out, so I framed it up to catch the lovebirds and the moon. 
I think this was my favorite.


Jessica said...

I LOVE your work! My fave was definitely the sun flare pic. You are amazing!

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Jess!

Sarah Z said...

You go girl! THose are awesome...I think my fav is the "countriness" one...super cute! Can't wait to see more...

Pinky said...

Hi There!
Your work is extraordinary! :o) I love the shot of them walking off together with the moon framed in the shot. It could be the ending of a wonderful Love Story where it says... "And they lived Happily Ever After" Sweet Kids!