Saturday, July 24, 2010

Do you...Lomo?

I happen to adore the look of Lomo (or Lomography).  It is very distinctive, very sharp (while at the same time blurry) and just different than your everyday photography.  I love the way the colors are muted, yet intriguing enough to draw you in.  The way it always has vignetting to frame the photograph.  I just love it!  So I experimented with a little Lomo-love as I like to call it: 

I have no idea what the yellow splotch is at the bottom of this photo - I swear it wasn't there in Photoshop!  Weird.  Oh well, did I mention that Lomo photographs are often referred to as, "happy accidents?"  I suppose that's fitting!

Learn more about Lomo here and see beautiful examples here.

I'm off to bed!

PS - view my first craigslist ad here for special portrait pricing!  'Cause I love ya!

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Theres just life said...

Love this picture you can see the mischief in her eyes. Watch out you don't get splashed...