Monday, July 26, 2010

Pioneer Woman Photo Contest

Remember this photo from last summer?  Well, I submitted it to Pioneer Woman's water themed photography assignment and guess what?...

It has been chosen to be featured in Group 5 and is in the running to be a finalist!

Now I wait!  I'm super-excited!  There are so many amazing pictures in this photography assignment!  I'm honored.

Avonleigh is just as excited to see her picture on the website.  Our conversation went something like this: 

Avonleigh: "Mom!  I'm on Pioneer Woman's website!"

Me: "I know!  Isn't that exciting?!"

Avonleigh: "Yeah, I'm famous!"

Me: "Oh boy."

Avonleigh: "Am I getting paid for this?"

Me: "Who ARE you?!"

PS - when I asked her how much she wanted, she said, "2 bucks!"

I can manage that.

You can see the whole group (and the "famous" Ms. Avonleigh) here.  Be sure to leave a comment on your favorite photo in this group (not that it would be mine or anything). ;o) 

I'll let you know if it's chosen as a finalist - then I really need your votes!


Sarah Z said...

That is so exciting Steph! You are very deserving of it...good luck!

Stephanie said...

Aw, thank you, Sarah! Miss you guys! I'll be in Salt Lake in August from 26-29th for a photography workshop. Maybe we could get together for a bit!

Theres just life said...

Saw your daughter picture on PW site, and followed you over to here. Great photos. You got another follower.

THE YOUNG-INS said... are so great.

Pinky said...

This is Wonderful! Dad and I are so excited for you! And Choochie makes a great model! I love the lines in this photo! Great Eye Beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Thank you "Theres just life!" I'm happy to have more followers! ;o)

Dawn - Thank you!

Have a great night!

Stephanie said...

Thank you, Mom! I'm glad you guys got on here!

Love you!