Thursday, July 29, 2010

You win some; you lose some: more water shots

The winner for Pioneer Woman's Photography Assignment is here (it's fantastic!).
I didn't make the finals, but that's ok!  I couldn't be more thrilled just to have been nominated from over 10,000 submissions!  Thank you, PW!
Here are some more fun water-themed shots from our summer antics:

So candid...

Have I mentioned how much I love candids?  Love the bits of dandelion seeds floating away from Payton.

He did this over, and over and over again!  He loved it!

The 3 oldest kids were trying to coordinate their water dumping...never quite happened, but made for many fun tries!

What kinds of summer activities are YOU enjoying??

I have a really, really busy August coming up...lots of shoots, lots of activities, and a quick trip to Utah...CAN. NOT. WAIT!


Theres just life said...

Great shots. Sorry you didn't win, but the winner was great. I sure hope their camera was waterproof. Enjoy your trip and try not to wear yourself out too much.

Stephanie said...

Thanks Pam!

Sarah Z said...

What? a trip to Utah? Are we going to see you??