Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flashback Friday

Happy Friday!  I've been having such a good time looking through my picture files and seeing so many that I've never posted on here.  I think for a little while (ie until I get bored of doing it), I'll be posting a "Flashback Friday" photo and share a little about when it was taken.  Enjoy!

Sister LOVE
I'm on a bit of a sister kick, no?  While I was browsing through older photo folders I ran across this one taken last summer.  What you can't see on that leaf is a PILE of slugs that Laethym helped Payton to collect.  Payton has changed so much since then (but she still loves slugs, darn)!  She looks a lot like my mom as a child (really, it's uncanny...hey mom, send me a picture of you so I can scan it)!

I spent the evening taking pictures of a wonderful family in Eugene.  They had the sweetest 6 month old baby boy...and oh the blue eyes on that child!  He was so smiley and just pure cuteness!  I'll be proofing/editing photos all day tomorrow and get some new sessions up soon!

Have a great weekend!

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