Monday, August 23, 2010

Florence Flashback Part 2

Ahhhh...this summer is coming to a close far too quickly!  I feel like I'm grasping at straws to slow things down...but my attempts are futile.
Bup ice cream on face BLOG
And this little boy...oh if only I could keep him at 18 months forever!  He is so precious, so bright, so precocious and so, so BOY!  His favorite toy/object is a ball, ANY ball, but especially golf balls.  I think they're the perfect size for his little hand to grip.  His eyes used to be bright blue and now are going grey.  He has turned into quite the picky eater and would be happily sustained on scrambled eggs, hot dogs, juice and milk.  He loves his siblings (almost as much as his daddy), and has a unique relationship with each one.  He gives the best scowls, and has quite a little temper - but is quick to forgive.  He is so, SO loved.

Wet Buddy 8-3-10 BLOG
My big guy!  He is going into 4th grade.  He loves sports (is getting ready to start soccer), riding his bike and playing Wii.  He has a heart of gold and wants to be the best at everything he does.  He is good to his sisters and adores his little brother.  I'm looking forward to his teenage years...I think he'll be a good one.  I love you, Buddy!

Avonleigh throwing sand Sutton BLOG
My little sand rat!  She had such a good time digging holes and building sand castles.  She would have been so happy to spend all day at the beach/lake/river!  She is going into Kindergarten.  She is my little fireball.  She is left-handed.  She is very passionate and very organized.  She strives to excel at everything she does.  Her favorite food is a tomato sandwich and her favorite color is pink.  She is very bright, but has to learn on her own terms.  She is stubborn.  She is beautiful...and I am not looking forward to her teenage years.

Avonleigh in sprinkler 8-13-10 BLOG
Yep, that's my Avonleigh

Buddy kicking soccer ball non round 8-3-10
Buddy and his ball

Avonleigh with sprinkler BW BLOG 8-13-10
Back to Choochie again

Bup in stream BLOG
This little dude took quite a while before he would even touch the water.  He was in it for about 5 minutes and then wanted out.  Picky, I tell ya.

Avonleigh on MDs slide 8-3-10 BLOG
I snapped this picture of Avonleigh at the McDonald's Playland while we were having lunch.  I had just told her not to climb on the slide when I noticed the sign behind her...oh so appropriate!

I'm editing photos like crazy...finishing up a wedding and two family sessions (sneak peak coming up)!  I leave for Utah early Thursday morning for my Blue Lily workshop...CAN. NOT. WAIT!


Theres just life said...

Your kids are so cute. I love the picture of the 18 month old with the milk face.

Pinky said...

NO! Wait Summer...don't leave yet, we are just starting to have fun! All your Love comes out in your photos! I am always excited to see the newest ones and the newest adventures! Keep them coming.
Love YOU!

Pinky said...

oops! that was keep them COMING!