Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Footloose and fancy free in Florence

Kids on the beach during sunset in Florence

We are having a great time on the beautiful Oregon Coast!  The kids were so excited to go to the beach tonight.  What started out as a walk (just to "visit" the beach), ended with 2 kids soaking wet and everyone else covered in sand.  I grew up here - you'd think I'd remember that a "visit" to the beach is never clean! 
The kids are looking forward to a week packed with activities!
First on their list...swimming!  Now, if only it weren't so cold for half the day!

Today's highlights:
*Sleeping in until 8am (yeah right)
*Playing soccer with Grandma
*Lunch at McDonald's with Lyn
*Water fight on the deck
*Simple dinner (cheeses, meats and crackers/bread)
*Trip to the beach
*Avonleigh falling into the ocean and laughing about it
*Payton falling into the ocean and crying about it (good thing Laethym was there to pull her out!)
*Hot showers
*'Smores (made with peanut butter cups...just try it!)

The only way this trip could be better is if my honey were able to join us...

Dear Handsome,
   I miss you!  The kids talk all day about what they would do if you were here with us.  It's very sweet!  I know you're super-busy; but please get some sleep and don't work too hard.  I'm taking lots of pictures (550 today), and will get some more up on here tomorrow.  I love you...I'm off to bed now and hope to see you in my dreams...


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Jessica said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I love that Avonleigh is making the jumping motion, but her feet aren't off the ground!