Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The S Family ~ Eugene, Oregon Photography

I had the BEST time shooting this wonderful family!  They were so sweet and very willing to try anything.  But most of all, I feel so privileged to witness their absolute adoration of sweet baby E!  He was smiliest little guy!  Oh, I could have snuggled him all day!
DSC_8729 done BLOG
Beautiful family

DSC_8744 done BLOG
Look at those eyes!  They are so blue that they practically glow!  Just wait...you'll see...

DSC_8802 done BLOG
Super smiley

DSC_9134 done BLOG

DSC_9107 done blog
I can not get over the expression on his face!  "Uh oh...look what mom and dad are doing!" HAHAHAHA
I want this framed!

DSC_9032 done BLOG

DSC_9046 done BLOG

DSC_9226 done BLOG
See?  He's glowing!

DSC_8861 done BLOG
Every shot in this series, his eyes were magnificent!  I did ZERO post-editing here!

mother son collage BLOG
Aw...this baby loves his mama

DSC_9195 done BLOG

crying grass collage BLOG

This was one of the last shots that we did.  Little E does NOT like the feel of grass!  As soon as his daddy picked him up, he was a happy boy again.

DSC_9343 done BLOG
Look quick Duck fans...this may be the only time you will ever see UO apparel on this blog.  Unless it's on another cute kiddo, then I may reconsider.  Maybe.

Thank you so much for letting me meet and hang out with your family.  You are wonderful and I hope to see more of Little E! 

♥ Stephanie


Pinky said...

What a Handsome family. Looks like Alton Baker Park was a good place to shoot. Very wonderful shots... my fav? The one of Mom and Dad and precious son lying on the blanket up close. very Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie - you're an awesome photographer! We love the pics! Thanks for everything...S, E, & M!