Monday, September 6, 2010

Blue Lily GoPro Workshop, Salt Lake City Day 1 (Part 2)

I seriously almost called this post: "That one day I actually did my hair and makeup"

I woke up last Friday morning bursting with the excitement of a Kindergartner on her first day of school (I happen to have one of those in my house right now)!  I got up and did my hair and makeup - what a ginormous task that seems when one is running around trying to get 5 kids ready in the morning!  I packed up my bags and said goodbye to my wonderful Sister-in-law and her family, who were so kind to let me crash at their house! 
Once in the rental car, I plugged in the address to the Party House (the first rule was that it had to be called the "Party House"!) out in Little Cottonwood Canyon.  Thank goodness it was a NORMAL address - my Aussie Tom Tom does NOT like those stinkin' grid addresses (I know that native Utahans say that they are so much easier to use, but they totally confuse me)!  So I arrived about an hour before the workshop was set to begin.  I figured it would give me time to unpack my stuff (since I was staying at the Party House) and get my laptop and camera set up. 
The door bell echoed through the enormous 7,500 sqft house.  When the door opened, I was greeted heartily by the adorable Wendy Whitacre, who quickly introduced me to her charming husband, Tyler.  Over the next hour or so, 11 more budding photographers walked through that door, to be changed forever.
We spent all day sitting, listening, discussing, learning, engaging and soaking up the creative aura that loomed over the party table.  We ate awesome food!  The first day's lunch was catered by Isabella's Catering in West Jordan.  Yummy sandwich goodness and lots of extras in each specially packed lunch box.  Good job Shayna!
The group of us kept a watchful eye on the weather outside (Did I forget to mention how amazing the view was? I will have to find someone that took a picture. My bad. ADD Moment: Do people still say, "My bad"? If not, I apologize...I must be channeling my inner Clueless.), wondering what the evenings photoshoots would bring.  The clouds rolled in and out, sometimes bringing rain, sometimes streaks of lightening.  With anxious anticipation, we piled into the cars and headed up the mountain towards Snowbird.  The air smelled of wet asphalt.  As we reached our destination, a torrential downpour ensued.  It was awesome.  Except for the part where 2 cute families drove more than an hour to be there.  That part pretty much sucked.  After about 30 minutes of sitting in the car, our fearless leaders made the decision to go back down the mountain where there appeared to be some clearing in the clouds.
We pulled over to the side of the road where there was a small opening in the rock and an abandoned building.  It was still raining, though not as hard.  The families huddled under the open building and took turns posing near the edge of the front opening (in an attempt to get a better lighting situation), as 14 of us took shots and yelled orders - paparazzi style (or is it mamarazzi, in Utah, right Jimmy?)!  It was quite the spectacle (a really, really fun fiasco)!  
When the last of our usable light had faded from the gray sky, we said goodbye to our families and headed back to the Party House to order pizza.  We soon learned that the pizza place didn't deliver, so we headed to Cafe Rio for baptism by BBQ pork!  I wish I had pictures of the experience.  I've had several knock-offs, but nothing quite compares to the original...mmm...those tortillas...oh. my. I'm hungry...what was I saying?
Anyway, awesome day, awesome friends, awesome food, lots and lots of awesomeness!! 

Tyler is an early-to-bed(der), so Wendy (the night owl) hung out with those of us staying at Le Party Mansion and gave us critiques and insights.  I had such an amazing day and topped it off with a call home to my family (whom I missed terribly)! 
I was asleep the second my head hit the pillow and didn't move for a solid 8 hours...don't remember the last time that happened!

The next morning, we were up and hoppin' and headin' to down town Salt Lake for a wedding details and family shoot...

From our wedding details shoot: Jared and Trisha
BL Wedding Collage










For more information on the awesomeness that is Wendy and Tyler (aka Blue Lily) go here.
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