Wednesday, September 29, 2010

College DaZe past and present through rust-colored glasses

I love this time of year (even if I did sound a bit melancholy in my last post).  And I love this time of year in Corvallis!  The leaves are all turning from their lush greens to vibrant shades of yellow, red, orange and brown.  The mornings are cool and crisp (and eventually the days will be also...hello what was it, like 90 degrees today?!). 
One thing I don't particularly love about this time of year (living in a college town) is when the students come back. 
I remember overhearing an elderly woman say something to the effect of, "I love this town...until the students come back!"  That comment fell on a young and vulnerable college students ears...and I was incensed!  How dare she talk about all of us wonderful ADULTS like we are here to mess up HER town!
Fast forward 13 years...
And I heard myself remark to a friend, "You can always tell the week the students return.  They're rude, they're everywhere and they're LOUD!" 
It's official folks, I HAVE BECOME THAT OLD LADY!  So I thought it would be appropriate to take a trip back in time and remember what it was like to BE one of those rowdy college kids...
This very week 13 years ago our car rumbled to a stop outside of Finley Hall on the Oregon State University campus.  It was a warm day...much warmer than the coast.  I was feeling super-cute with my shoulder-length bob and chunky blonde highlights.  I pushed my black sunglasses off of my eyes and onto my head (because it made my hair look even cuter!) and eyed the enormous hall across from us.  It was SO awesome!  There were cute boys EVERYWHERE I looked!  My mom, dad and I all loaded our arms full of my most important possessions (ya know, like, curling irons, make up, hair products, clothes) and walked through the double front doors and into the foyer.  I couldn't believe this was real...and as soon as I had my stuff unloaded my parents were going to leave (sorry mom, I was mildly excited about that) and I was going to begin life as an ADULT! 
My enthusiasm was shattered when we strode up to the elevator (arms already beginning to shake from exhaustion) and found that it was OUR OF ORDER!  Oh, this is the part where I mention my dorm room was #731...that's right on the SEVENTH FLOOR!  It didn't get any higher than that! 
We spent the next couple of hours hauling stuff up those stairs, unloading as much as possible (to make room for my roommate's stuff), running (let's face it, I walked) back downstairs and doing it all over again.  I SO did NOT look cute after all of that exercise!  It was during our escapades that my roommate arrived and we all helped each other with the last few loads.  I had the best roommate (I'm sure SHE didn't feel the same way)! 

Side note: My dear friend, Shirey (NOT ShirLey - rhymes with bouquet) and I had grown up together (along with Amber and Stephanie who would room together right next door to us).  I loved having such good friends around me at such a scary/exciting time in my life.  In hindsight, I probably would not room with people I know again because other people in the dorm viewed us as an already-formed group (clique-ish) and it was hard to make friends.  But I wouldn't trade the adventures we had for anything...hear that ladies...ANY.THING!

Whew, where was I?  Oh yes...the dorms.  We would learn soon enough that the Finley Hall elevator was notoriously out of order!  Sometimes I would come back from class for a short break before the next one, see that the elevator was out and turn around and leave (or hang out in the lounge for a bit).  Yep, I'm that lazy
So we got all of our stuff unloaded and I said goodbye to my parents.  That was hard.  I was caught somewhere between not wanting them to go and wanting them to hurry up and go so I could begin my adult life (what a dork - yeah, we said dork back then, too)!  Shirey, Amber, Steph and I spent some time unpacking, then headed out to explore the campus. 
There were all kinds of activities going on.  People were everywhere!  They were going to show a movie in the quad that night (can not remember what it was...getting old) and there was a big buzz about Rush Week.  I saw all of these sorority girls and fraternity boys in their matchy-matchy shirts and laughed and made fun of them.  Who wants to be a sheep and look the same and do whatever everyone else is doing anyway?  Well, the truth is I did.  I wanted to be a part of a college family and do fun things and look cute all the time!  But, I was afraid I wouldn't be accepted and I didn't bother to try (an oft repeated theme in my life) I guess I'll never know, will I?  Dumb.  Don't be dumb like I young people that may be reading this.  If you want to try something worthwhile (even just a little bit to see what it's like), then DO IT!  I, of course, am talking about good activities...not stupid things that can harm you and/or destroy your future, got it?   

Ok...lost my train of thought again...oh yes, the dorms.  I can't possibly talk about our first days in Finley Hall without mentioning Tim Hillman (am I right girls?).  He was our RA (resident assistant, and the nicest, funniest person you could ever meet) and boy did we all swoon over him.  Yeah, and we used cool words like "swoon"...ok, no we didn't, but to say that we fell all over ourselves to get his attention and giggled like little school girls in his company is I won...oh. Never mind.  Wonder what ever happened to him...I think I'll look him up on Facebook.
Side note: I totally just found him on facebook! 
Yeah, was pretty good being an oblivious the-world-revolves-around-me college girl.  I think I'll cut them some slack then next time one of them cuts me off in traffic...or yells obscenities to their "buddies" across the grocery store.  Hmmm...maybe not.

Anywho, please enjoy the following photoshoot!  I call it, rust-colored glasses: (can you tell what Avonleigh's all-time favorite outfit is? Trust me, you'll be seein' it a lot!)

Um...can you say Mini Boden?











Cute blog post...I love the photos too...and love where you wrote your 50 toes on the truck's tire rim.

Stephanie said...

@Dawn - Thank you! I try to keep it lively! Just wait until I start spilling details of UWard days...can you say NKOTB? hahahahah

Sunny said...

Cute cute! You did a marvelous job! Looks like you are getting some better weather than us, I've lost two shoots due to weather and even the reschedule looks iffy. Keep it up, I'm lovin in!

Melissa said...

So that "Sunny" is me, Melissa. I was looking something up for my sis and forgot to log out of her name... What's your email BTW, I can send you a link to my family blog.

Sarah Z said...

I love the old klunker pics...where'd you find that?!

Theres just life said...

Stephanie, I love your photos and Avonleigh's boots. By the way I have a little something for you over at my blog. I hope you like it.

zenmasterlauren said...

I love your photography of your sweetie pies!

Stephanie said..., nevermind! haha

@Melissa - Thank you, I'm glad you like! We've had pretty descent weather...I'm not complaining! I would LOVE to see your family blog! My personal email is:

@Sarah - Thanks! I was so happy to find it! It was near my parents house while we were visiting last.

@Pamela Jo - You're wonderful!

@Lauren - Thank you! Your site is amazing!