Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A farewell to Summer 2010 and help find Jacob Myers

The last weekend before school started was absolutely beautiful and we wanted to take full advantage!  Chris was in Texas visiting his wonderful Aunt and Uncle, so my mom came up from Florence to play with us! 
We went to the Saturday Farmer's Market and took in all of the glorious sights, sounds and smells.  Have I mentioned my love of this city called Corvallis? LOVE it.  We indulged in fresh-squeezed lemonade with honey.  We watched the vendors pack up their booths and put away the array of the freshest fruits and vegetables that didn't make it into someones cloth shopping bag.  And then the enticing smell of warm yeast wafted our way and we were led like horses to water right through the doors of Great Harvest Bread Co.

The colors are so beautiful inside the store! Grandma got the kids matching Beaver shirts.
We heart Grandma.

As soon as Avonleigh sees my camera, this is the pose she goes into.  Relax, kid!  But she's so darn cute, that I have to take her picture anyway!  I have a billion of her doing this exact pose.  Really.

And Payton Jean, so quick-moving, it's hard to get a descent shot of her!  So I held a shortbread cookie above her head...a momtographer's gotta do what a momtographer's gotta do.

And Mr. Dude - he had it made: sitting back in his sweet ride, sipping organic honey lemonade and munching on buttery shortbread cookies.

But there was that one time that he got out of the wagon.  He was fascinated with the water he could hear and see running through the drain below him.

It was hot and we were having a great time, so we let the kids run through the fountain in their clothes. 

And this.  This was heartbreaking.  We saw a few of these on our walk along the riverfront.  I don't know who this kid is, but I felt the need to take this photo.  My mom and I talked about the various reasons the messages were written, etc.  A few days later, I noticed a MISSING poster outside the bathrooms at Safeway (on Circle Blvd).  This boy is only 15 years old and he ran away from a substance abuse program here in Corvallis.  His family is searching for him and desperately wants him home
I couldn't find any information online about his case, but I figured in this smallish community getting his name out there might help, somewhat.  He's Caucasian.  He has an average build, dark brown (shaggyish) hair and I think brown eyes.  Skater-type clothing in the picture.

Remember when you were a kid and you did [insert worst thing here]?  And you thought nothing could be worse and you knew you were in so much trouble?  Yeah, I remember.  I'm sure that's what Jacob is feeling right now.  "I've really messed up and it would be better if I just left."  Don't do it Jacob.  Life does go on...some day you really will look back on stupid things you did and realize that it all turned out alright.  Good luck, my friend.


Pinky said...

What a fun weekend! :o)
Your very poignant post about Jacob touched my heart deeply. My heart goes out to his family and to Jacob. I put his name on the prayer list at the Temple today, wanting to do Something! Your song was perfect. May our Father in Heaven guide him safely back to his family.

Simply Kissed Photography said...

The simple photo of chalk calling out to a child breaks my heart.

I grew up in Corvallis and you are right. It is stunning!

whitey said...

I am hoping that Jacob has been found by now, I have had that experience of a missing child before and it is gut wrenching my out come turned out happy hope the same for Jacob.

Stephanie said...

@Mom - Thank you so much for doing really helped with my not having a voice and all! Love you!

@SimplyKP - Hi there! Thank you for visiting! Corvallis is a wonderful place to live!

@Whitney - Thank you for your hopeful comment. I wish I could update you on this situation...but I have heard nothing. It's good to hear of positive outcomes in such awful situations. Thank you!