Thursday, September 9, 2010

The one I laugh with, live for, dream with, LOVE...

Yesterday was my wonderful husband's birthday!  I won't tell you how old he is (that would be rude), but I will make a list of 34 reasons why I adore him (in no specific order)...

1) Christopher asked him (while I was in Utah), "Why did you marry mom?"  To which he replied, "Because a man should always seek out someone who is better than him.  She's the best thing that ever happened to me." This is what Christopher told me, and lots of other wonderful things...Chris doesn't know I know. Except he does now. And I'm sharing it with all of you...because he's that wonderful! 
2)  He works very hard to support our family (physically and spiritually)
3)  He is a genius (really) and excels at everything he puts his mind to
4)  He knows everything about me...and still loves me!
5)  His family ALWAYS comes first
6)  He is fiercely loyal
7)  He is so supportive of me and my photography
8)  He's very organized with his business and always gets things done on time
9)  He has a sensitive side that only I get to see
10)  He enjoys sports and loves to teach the kids about them
11)  He doesn't hold grudges (but he'll make fun of you FOR.EVER!) hehe
12)  His sense of humor!
13)  He loves and respects his parents.
14)  He always smells good
15)  He loves my most unlovable parts!
16)  He is a very private person
17) He is an awesome cook!
18) He gives the best pep talks!
19) He is extremely logical
20) He understands how precious sleep is to me
21) He H.A.T.E.S. having his picture taken, but will take our family on outings specifically so I can take pictures! *see #7
22) He has an amazing memory!
23) He is very romantic
24) He loves to receive flowers
25) He can fix anything
26) He firmly believes his kids should be better than him
27)  He loves my parents and is good to them
28)  He hates gossip.  and drama. 
29)  He loves having family outings (especially to the movie theater)
30)  He understands and relates better to one of the children (they seem to speak the same language...I need to be more fluent in it...)
31)  We balance each other out - when my patience is shot, he steps up and calmly and takes over
32)  He has a wonderful sense of adventure!
33)  He loves music and enjoys sharing it with our children.
34) While I was burning the midnight oil editing photos all Summer, he would get up with the kids in the morning and let me sleep in. *see #20

I love you so much, my Mr. Charming!  I will continue to add to my "love list" so that you have to live to be 100 to see them all!  I'm so glad you chose me...but, really, I chose YOU!

And now, if you made it through all of that mush, please enjoy this adorable couple (getting married next year!) and her little man, L!











Stay tuned for the final installment of the photo workshop recap...


Sarah Z said...

That was so fun to read about Chris! It made me realize that I really don't know him as well as I thought...But it sounds like they had in blast in Dallas! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Stephanie said...

@Sarah - Yeah, he's a mystery to many! haha