Sunday, September 26, 2010

School DaZe 2010

I really was thinking that I had already posted "back to school" photos...but I was thinking of the Back to school feast post!  Oops!  So this is going to be a photo post...lots and lots of photos (it's for the family). Enjoy!

Our morning did not go as planned, and well, we were late. I know, lame!  All of the school clothes that were ordered came late (like, the day after school started).  Awesome.  The kids were really good-natured and made the best of it.  I think they looked so cute!  I mean, er, handsome, son.  Handsome.

My handsome boy...who did NOT want his picture taken (especially right outside the school doors...after the bell had rung). Love you!

My sweet Peanut!  Always happy to smile for the camera (as I was chasing her down the hall...see below).

Heading to her classroom

I turned to leave and barely caught this sweet moment...I LOVE her teacher!

And this is as close as I got to Christopher's classroom.  Yeah...he's in 4th grade, and well, mom coming into the classroom on the first day was not on his "ok" list.

Then the younger kids and I headed out to the playground for the welcome back mingle.
Payton must have eaten at least 10 doughnuts ( there a right way?  My OCD brain wants to write it "dough" because that's how you spell it!)!

Avonleigh enjoyed the doUGHnuts as well.  Sorry, sometimes I can't help myself.

Zeke wasn't having such a good time, so we didn't stay long.  It was a great morning, though!

Avonleigh's first day!  Kindergarten starts later than the other kids.  It kinda stunk for her...she wanted to GO!
Avonleigh and her bestest buddy, Sheepie

Cute friends!

Down the hall they go

Chris stayed home with Zeke so I could go and document (it's what I do!) Avonleigh's first day.  So after we dropped her off, I took Payton out to the playground for a little fun time!  I couldn't resist a quick shot of that cute tush before I put the camera down and pushed her on the swing. 

My babies are growing up and it makes me want to sob/shout for joy/pull out my hair, all at the same time!  I love that they are getting to experience life away from home, and honestly, I enjoy the bit of quiet time I get to spend with the younger kids; but to see them grow out of their clothes and reach milestones that I remember reaching as a child, kinda makes me frantic to stop time.  In my mind, my youngest child (baby) can't possibly be 19 months old!  I just had him...I was just nursing him...I still have the baby weight to prove it, dang it! 
Stop!  All of you! 
Nobody move and nobody gets hurt (especially me)! 
And, yet, I know it can not be. 
 So I will choose to love every phase as they continue on in their journeys...I just wish I didn't loose pieces of me along the way.


Pinky said...

Love, Love, LOVE! the Photos! They ARE growing way too fast! But what Joys they are in our lives! Thank You for sharing the pics with the rest of us who don't get to bask in there presence on a daily basis!

Beth said...

Not only do you take such amazing photos but your words make me teary! I was feeling everything you were describing. You have a gift my friend and you are such a good mommy. AND your children have the most adorable little faces ever.....

Stephanie said...

@Mom - Glad you are enjoying! I do it all for you, ya know! haha

@Beth - Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was having a hard time writing it...but had to get it out! ;o) So, um, could we just do an arranged marriage between Christopher and Gracie & Zeke and Claire - their ages match up pretty well?! Pretty please? Your girls are to-die-for cute!

Patti said...

Steph, I just read what Beth wrote and I think we must be related! She took the words right out of my mouth. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful and your children are even more beautiful! You should write a book because you are amazingly talented!

Stephanie said...

@Patti - Yep, you are definitely from the same mold! I love you both! Thank you so much for your inspiring comment - it makes me want to be better at what I do!
You know...if you ladies were to come out to Em's again, I would totally drive to Sisters to take Harline Family photos!

Theres just life said...

Great photos. How does time stand still for us but not for them. I still remember burping my new born niece, seems like yesterday. Now that she is 21 yrs old she gives me dirty looks when I try to burp her now.