Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Primary Program 2010

This last Sunday was the Children's Sacrament Meeting Primary Program.  I look forward to it every year.  It is the time when the children get to share their testimonies of Jesus Christ through their own words and beautiful, reverent music.  This years' theme was: I Know My Savior Lives. 

And it was lovely.

Christopher loves to stand at the podium.  He has no trouble getting up in front of a couple hundred people and speaking.  He memorized his part and did a great job!

Laethym has a little harder time.  She gets very nervous and a bit embarrassed.  She read her part very calmly and clearly - and did awesome!

Avonleigh (aka Hambone) LIVES to be up in front of a crowd!  This child cracks me up!  She has no qualms getting in front of a huge crowd, but is super-shy when it comes to one-on-one time at a friend's house (she's not big on playdates)!  What a funny kid!  She'll probably be an actress (Heaven forbid)!

They all sang very well (every parent can pick out their child over the PA system)!  I loved hearing the moving music and seeing all of the smiling children on the stage.  Again, FAVORITE Sunday of the year!

Good job Corvallis 3rd Ward kids and Primary staff!  You rock!





Payton isn't quite old enough to participate yet (almost though), but she wanted her picture taken too! hehe  I think her personality will be a mix of Leathym and Avonleigh's...I'll let you know next October!

One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.  I ADORE hearing my kids sing this!  Just had to share!

May you feel the love of your Savior as you listen.


Shauna said...

I know what you mean about the primary program being one of your favorite Sundays. I am super excited for our program this week, because it will be the first time that Logan will be in it. YEAH! I remember thinking all those years that we couldn't get pregnant if I would ever get to watch my own kids singing and bearing testimony. I'm thrilled to pieces that I finally get to see my own child up there on the stage.

I wish they could tape the programs. I would have loved to see your adorable kids.

p.s. ~ You should ask my mom about the story of the balloon and the BB gun. It's amazing what happens behind the scenes. : )

The Maughans said...

Amen. And Christopher was one of our favorites too!

Stephanie said...

@Shauna - Thank you for sharing your beautiful perspective. Children are such a blessing! I wish they could be taped too (or at the very least photographed)! Balloon and BB gun huh? Now I'm intrigued! This isn't about the balloon that went up the night of the final rehearsal is it? Nikki King watched it come down (after your mom left to get "something" to get it down) and was frantic to get a hold of her...I just happened to have her cell # programed into my phone, so that's how she called her! The things we do for our callings! haha

@Rachel - Thanks, he's a ham! Your E was adorable as always. Although Payton was convinced it was T up there!

Sarah Z said...

I bet it's alot more enjoyable this time since you aren't the one running it, huh?! I bet it was great. The girls barrell curls look darling!