Thursday, November 11, 2010

Land That I Love

I love my country.

I love that my parents taught me to love this country.

And I love that they help inspire a love of this country in my children.

God bless America.

Thank you to all of our AMAZING service men and women who gave and give selflessly to our Great Nation.

A friend's son, Private Matthew Shreeve who was seriously wounded in Afghanistan, receives the Purple Heart.


Sarah Z said...

Holy Cow...your mom looks AMAZING!! So I am in a U.S. History class this semester & it has really taught me ALOT about our country that I didn't know before, which is basically everything. I LOVE being an AMERICAN!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, I wish this blog had a "Like" button as on FaceBook.... ;^)
Steve Latham

50 Toes Photo said...

@Sarah - She is lookin' awesome! I'm so proud of her!! I didn't know you were in school - that is too cool!

@Dad - HAHA Love you!