Monday, December 27, 2010

December 2010 and Christmas Eve

I hope this finds you all happy and healthy! 
I'm sorry for my lack of posting...the poor blog just became one more thing that I couldn't keep up with this December.  In fact, as I've told my Mr. Charming, "I'm ready to write off December 2010!" 

What a month!  As you can read from previous posts, the beginning of the month was spent with our 3 year-old in the hospital.  The week she came home we ended up with a sick 7 year-old (cold symptoms) and a crazy-busy life schedule.  Payton needed a good week at home (close to her family) before she was comfortable going to preschool again.  Poor kid. 

The following week saw all 3 of our little girls with pneumonia.  Avonleigh (5 year-old) was getting worse after 3 days of antibiotics and had to be switched to another one.  On day 2 of the new one (Christmas Eve) she broke out in hives all over her body.  Eventually she was placed on another antibiotic (if you lost count, that's 3) and we finally came to celebrate Christmas with my parents late that evening. 

Illness has rocked our family and I'm ready for this month to be over now!

Payton continues to be monitored and will soon be starting a prophylactic course of antibiotics to keep her kidneys/bladder/urinary tract healthy! 

I have to mention our wonderful medical staff at the Corvallis Clinic and Good Samaritan Hospital. They have been unbelievable! They now know each of our children's faces and names and are always eager to help! We also have a fabulous pharmacist at Safeway who knows us on sight and is so positive and helpful! I love good people. I could never truly write off this month, because we would never have known the goodness of these people, except through our trials.

I'll admit, there were several times this month that I had to just sit and cry.  When there was nothing else I could do to help/comfort/fix, I would pray and cry.  And then I could get over that obstacle and move on to the next one.

Usually close to one of those breakdowns (or shortly thereafter), Heavenly Father would send an angel (or several) our way in the form of friends coming to visit, family coming to take over duties in the home, ward members checking in or dropping well wishes by.  We have experienced so much selfless love and support that I still haven't figured out how to say thank you.  And as the chaos continued to unfold, I have kept this thought in the back of my head.  How do you say thank you to those who have given so much more than you could ever repay?

We are so blessed.

This is getting so much longer than I intended, so without further adieu, I give you our Christmas Eve pictures.  Enjoy - we sure did!

Who doesn't love new pjs?

Our very own air bender

A spirited ending to a fabulous rendition of "Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer".

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