Saturday, December 4, 2010

Payton's progress (Friday)

Payton has been in the hospital for 2 days now.  Her numbers are improving very slowly.  Today was the first day that we started her on a "clear liquid diet".  She was THRILLED to hear that she could eat jello and popsicles!  I'd be thrilled to eat anything after going without food for 3+ days! 
She was also super-excited to see Grandpa (and he brought her her favorite treat...GUM!)!  She had more wonderful friends visit as well.  This little darling is so loved!

Here are a series of pics from today:
 Orange popsicle...pure bliss!

 Grandpa crusing Facebook while Payton was occupied.
" Look at my orange stick, Mom!"
 Wiping herself up
 Sweet, angel feet
 Look at those poor dehydrated lips!
 And then Grandma broke out the ipod and suddenly all was right in the world (popsicles and ipods...who wouldn't be thrilled?)!  FYI she's singing to the Wicked soundtrack.  Coolest 3-year-old ever!
 This CRACKED me up!  Hanging out on the throne, listening to "her" ipod with her iv pole right next to her (with purple popsicle lips)!  So funny!

Her friend Katerina picked out a pink dolly just for Payton. She was totally in love with it! Thanks Virginia!Overall she is improving.  She had a few setbacks today: high fever, blown iv (miserable time putting a new one in), dry heaving - but no vomiting!  It's progress.


Dotchi said...

I am so glad to see smiles on her face :) Love your photos!

Sarah Z said...

Poor thing! She's in our you guys!