Friday, December 3, 2010

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

After her very long and arduous day, they were finally able to bring her fever down and she got some real rest.  Rest she hadn't had in days.  It was so good to sit beside her and just watch her sleep. 
She is so beautiful...this daughter of ours.  To see her resting comfortably only added to her aura of beauty.

Let me just say that I am SO thankful for the advances in modern medicine and for the healing that she has been promised.  She is blessed to live on earth at this time.  Many, many children would have succumbed to the high fever (not to mention the severe infection) in days of old.  I can't even imagine.

That being said, parents should never have to see their child hospitalized.  It is so hard to see her with all of the tubes and wires and machines beeping by her bedside and her little eyes flickering at the slightest noise. 
So. Hard. 

And yet, I KNOW it could be so much worse.


America said...

I agree! The same thing happened to my daughter last year when she was only 3 months old. It is not a pleasant thing to go through. Glad to hear your little girl is ok! :)

Michelle Kirk said...

I am so glad to see her looking better! No more rosey cheeks. She does look so very at peace.

Lisa said...

Seeing those pictures seriously breaks my heart. It is such a great feeling to see them at peace and finally resting though. My oldest, Kyle, was hospitalized when he was 1. It is very frightening and makes you feel so powerless. Makes me feel even more blessed to have the gospel in my life. Hang in there Stephanie. You will all be in my prayers.

Jessica said...

She is such a tough little girl! I REALLY enjoyed getting to sit with her tonight. I thought the same thing, that it would be so hard to see one of my boys in a hospital bed. But really, she is so brave and I'm sure she has been the best 3 yr. old patient they have ever had!