Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend successes

Laethym and Avonleigh practiced all last week for their "big" half-time cheer show (which in reality lasted all of about 20 seconds - maybe).

They both listened very well...

Oh yeah, I can do this!

I think she liked being with the big girls more than anything!

Taking it all in


The night of: Reality hits...

I didn't think she was going to go out on the court, but she did and she was wonderful!

Again, Avonleigh was perfectly content to hang with the big girls! She was super-excited to learn that this particular young lady would be one of her preschool teachers next semester!

The girls had tons of fun and it was a worthwhile activity!

And Christopher had another basketball game on Saturday.
Here he is intimidating the other team...hehe

His ball handling skills are improving greatly!

It has been so fun to watch the kids participate in their activities! It's going to be an exciting Spring!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Keepin' it real

Today, this is how my couch looked. I'm not the only one, right? Please tell me I'm not the only domestic goddess who can find ANYTHING else that needs to be done besides folding laundry. I figure - at least it's CLEAN.
My kids may be wrinkled, but hey, they smell good...


Things I'd rather be doing than folding laundry (lest you think I over-exaggerate):

Taking pictures
Editing pictures
Beating rugs
Hair cuts
Making phone calls
Changing diapers
Watching infomercials
Unraveling a slinky
Sweeping and/or vacuuming
Washing and drying laundry
Doing dishes
Helping with homework
Combing gum out of hair
Selling Girl Scout Cookies
Making dinner
Trying to find that smell in the garage


...wait, nevermind, I'll go fold the laundry now.

What's your least favorite chore?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What the world needs Wednesday:

Fewer bruised feelings:

More sunny, happy days!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lovely Laethym; black and white photography

I love black and white photography. I'm fascinated at the spectrum that you find in black and whites.

Confession: I have a hard time tweaking a black a white just the way I want them to appear. I'm sure this comes with practice (lots and LOTS of practice), but I know how I want them to look in my's just finding and utilizing the right tools to get that end result!

Anyway, I really like this picture of Laethym. She has the smiliest eyes! I'm aware that this isn't really a word, and in fact, spell-checker tried to change it to "slimiest!" The nerve!

It is uncanny how much she looks like her daddy did at that age. I'll have to scan and upload pictures. Some day.


It was one busy day today! We were on the go-go-go! Out the door by 7:45, home for a brief stint at lunchtime, then off again until 9pm! "Busy" just doesn't quite describe it.

It ended (for the girls) with Avonleigh and Laethym having their first cheerleading practice (I threw up a little when I realized I hadn't brought a camera with me). It was just hilarious to watch them and all the other little girls, try to learn the dance moves to Hoedown Throwdown by Miley Cyrus! They have two more practices before performing during the Varsity Boy's Basketball game half-time show on Friday!

I WON'T be forgetting my camera then. Although, once again, horrible gym lighting...yikes!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Zeke is a well baby

Payton and Zeke had "well-baby" check-ups today. Both required shots. We also had Zeke's skin tag tied off (finally). I'm sad to see the little booger go - I thought it added personality! Luckily, it was purely cosmetic and not something that would have caused him problems.
But, he has scratched it causing it to bleed several times and I'd rather be done with it - along with the worry.

He's still got personality...right?



Not to mention the cute factor!
Oh how I love this sweet face.

Zeke's stats:
wt: 20.5 lbs (30%)
ht: can't remember...bad, I know (20%)
head circumference: yeah, can't remember this number either (40%)

He has 2 teeth on the bottom and 4 breaking through (all at once) on the top...poor baby!

Favorite word: "No!" Sounds more like, "NnnnnnnnO!"

I sure love this little dude!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brawn and Beauty

Saturday was Christopher's first basketball game! He was so excited! It was really funny to watch all these little boys run around like chickens with their heads cut off! But let me say, A SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHER, I AM NOT! I definitely don't have the right lenses (yet) for the indoor sporting events! And the lighting in those old gymnasiums...I'm just sayin'!

Off to a good start! Go, Buddy!

Please. Go. In! Christopher made this one (and only) basket for his team!

Getting tired now...


They played a good game and more importantly, they had fun! Great job, Bud! I can't wait to shoot some more action shots in other gyms (fingers crossed the lighting will be better)!

Afterwards we came home and had a little celebration for Avonleigh's birthday (more to come on that)!

And this beautiful lady is my mother - to know her is to love her! I won't tell you how old she is, because, you know, us women are funny about that. But let me just say that she is almost ALWAYS mistaken to be my sister.

It was a nice weekend! Here are a few little things that I want to remember:

*I was extended a call at church to work with the women of the Relief Society and Avonleigh turned to me excitedly and asked, "DO YOU GET TO GO TO RELIEF SOCIET-MENT?!!"

*Payton fell asleep on Chris during Sacrament Meeting and then proceeded to empty her bladder all over him. He was holding her kind of high on his chest, so it soaked from chest to knees! He took her and went home.

*We were listening to a song by Mindy Gledhill, "A Little More Like Thee," and the chorus goes as follows:
"Have I blown all my chances to be,
Less like the captive and more like the free?
More like the innocent child in me;
And maybe just, a little more like Thee."

And Avonleigh busts out from the backseat singing, "Less like the CAPTAIN and more like the FREAK!"
That is SO my Avonleigh!! Comic relief at it's finest!

Mindy is an extremely talented singer, and a wonderful person! It would be WELL-WORTH your time to take a listen to this amazing song from such an angelic voice.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Everything is just ducky here

It was such a beautiful day here in Corvallis, so I took the 3 younger kids to Starker Arts Park and let the girls feed the ducks and geese. I was more-than-happy to document some of our time there.

Things started out well...


And Payton was even starting to feed them

Until the goose got a little too close for comfort!

She got over it. So I decided to just step back and let the girls have some time alone on the bench...

Sweet sisters. I would love to have been close enough to hear what they were talking about.

It was a much-needed, tender moment shared

We will definitely do this again...rain, rain, stay away!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What the world needs now

less connectivity

Less electronic connectivity...

A boy and his ball

...more brown-eyed boys playing uninterruptedly.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We're serious about food

This little man would happily survive solely on spinach lasagna.

I, on the other hand, would be quite happy to live on that chocolate cake in the background...

And then he tried the cake too...

Sorry lasagna, he is his mother's son

In other news, this was the last ornament on our Christmas Tree that I finally took down today. I cry the day that I take the tree down. Looking forward to snow in late Winter, and then Spring - and several birthdays in between.
Last Ornament

Monday, January 18, 2010

Number 5 alive

I used to love the movie Short Circuit. And the robot would say, "Number 5 ALIVE!" I can't think of a better way to describe my Avonleigh! She is 5 years old today and SO full of life!

I wanted to document her past and present birthday(s). She's the oldest child that I can do this with, because her older brother and sister don't have digital photos on my computer! Boo. The poor quality on most of them comes from older cameras and less experience! ;o)

Mommy holding her newest edition: January 18th 2005

Ok, bring on the food!

Grandma and Avonleigh
Grandma and Avonleigh

Her first birthday
1st Birthday

It snowed just before her 2nd birthday - she was in heaven!
2nd Birthday-ish

Her 3rd birthday, heading off to preschool
3rd Birthday at preschool

4th post-preschool birthday
4th Birthday at preschool

Always up for an adventure!
Adventure Girl

A wonderful friend

She requested ham and glaze with mashed potatoes for dinner...
5th B-day dinner

...but instead spent the time licking Chocolate Fudge Frosting off the spatula
5th b-day licking frosting

The cake...sweet anticipation
5th B-day cake

Make a wish baby girl (can I still call you that?)!
5th B-day candles

I can't imagine our family without your wonderfully quirky personality! And I can't imagine a day going by without seeing these big, beautiful eyes.
5th B-day girl

You are so loved Choochie Bear!