Thursday, July 29, 2010

You win some; you lose some: more water shots

The winner for Pioneer Woman's Photography Assignment is here (it's fantastic!).
I didn't make the finals, but that's ok!  I couldn't be more thrilled just to have been nominated from over 10,000 submissions!  Thank you, PW!
Here are some more fun water-themed shots from our summer antics:

So candid...

Have I mentioned how much I love candids?  Love the bits of dandelion seeds floating away from Payton.

He did this over, and over and over again!  He loved it!

The 3 oldest kids were trying to coordinate their water dumping...never quite happened, but made for many fun tries!

What kinds of summer activities are YOU enjoying??

I have a really, really busy August coming up...lots of shoots, lots of activities, and a quick trip to Utah...CAN. NOT. WAIT!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pioneer Woman Photo Contest

Remember this photo from last summer?  Well, I submitted it to Pioneer Woman's water themed photography assignment and guess what?...

It has been chosen to be featured in Group 5 and is in the running to be a finalist!

Now I wait!  I'm super-excited!  There are so many amazing pictures in this photography assignment!  I'm honored.

Avonleigh is just as excited to see her picture on the website.  Our conversation went something like this: 

Avonleigh: "Mom!  I'm on Pioneer Woman's website!"

Me: "I know!  Isn't that exciting?!"

Avonleigh: "Yeah, I'm famous!"

Me: "Oh boy."

Avonleigh: "Am I getting paid for this?"

Me: "Who ARE you?!"

PS - when I asked her how much she wanted, she said, "2 bucks!"

I can manage that.

You can see the whole group (and the "famous" Ms. Avonleigh) here.  Be sure to leave a comment on your favorite photo in this group (not that it would be mine or anything). ;o) 

I'll let you know if it's chosen as a finalist - then I really need your votes!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Do you...Lomo?

I happen to adore the look of Lomo (or Lomography).  It is very distinctive, very sharp (while at the same time blurry) and just different than your everyday photography.  I love the way the colors are muted, yet intriguing enough to draw you in.  The way it always has vignetting to frame the photograph.  I just love it!  So I experimented with a little Lomo-love as I like to call it: 

I have no idea what the yellow splotch is at the bottom of this photo - I swear it wasn't there in Photoshop!  Weird.  Oh well, did I mention that Lomo photographs are often referred to as, "happy accidents?"  I suppose that's fitting!

Learn more about Lomo here and see beautiful examples here.

I'm off to bed!

PS - view my first craigslist ad here for special portrait pricing!  'Cause I love ya!

Friday, July 23, 2010

This boy... SO stinkin' cute!  He has turned into this fun, precocious, bright, wild little toddler over night!  His personality oozes all over our home and he leaves laughter, tears and frustration in his wake. 

 Oh my sweet little Dude!  What are we going to DO with you?!

PS - I finally made a new banner. I don't love it, but at least it doesn't say "March" on it...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chris & Noelle: Engagement Session

This cute couple is getting married next month!  They were such fun to shoot and I'm really looking forward to doing their wedding and reception!  Thanks Chris & Noelle!

Ooh la la

I will always be in love with silhouettes

I love the look on Noelle's face.  It should be said that she had 3 siblings and their 3 friends laughing at them during this shot.  They were such good sports though!

Ahhh young love

I love me some sun flare!

Warm, delicious country-ness (countriness?) - is that a word?  I don't care; that's what it was!

Noelle has a beautiful laugh

They love their car "Abby" and wanted to be sure to include her in some photos!  How fun is that?

I love this one...the color, the expressions, so fun!

This is one that will be on their announcements

This was one of our last shots as we were finishing up.  Chris & Noelle started back to the car and I couldn't help but snap a shot of them walking away.  The sun was just setting and as you can see, the moon was coming out, so I framed it up to catch the lovebirds and the moon. 
I think this was my favorite.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Playing catch up...and playing in the mud

Once again I find myself trying to play "catch up" on my blog!  We have been sick!  Ok, I have been sick!  The kids (and Chris) all had "it" and seemed to get over it relatively quickly, but for me, it hung on for weeks!  I still don't quite feel like myself, but I'm getting there!

Here are some fun shots of Payton and Zeke while they played in the "water" which is kid-speak for "mud."
If that face doesn't say "mischievous" I don't know what does!

This is where Payton pretends she's one of the dogs

And where Zeke plays in the dogs' once-clean water bowl...

Sometimes I think plastic water bottles are one of the greatest toys ever invented.  Then I recycle them.

But mostly he was fascinated by all of the box elder bugs flying around his head.  He kept pointing and saying, "Buuuuuu, bbbuuuuuuuu" (no "g" yet)!

Hello delicious black and white...we will be great friends

What's that you say?  You love me too?  Yes.  Yes, I know.

Notice the scratches on the end of Zeke's nose?  He was tumbling off the couch (a regular occurrence at our house) and fell face-first on top of the velcro strap of his sister's shoe = perfectly parallel scratches down his nose.  Poor kid - he didn't even cry!

Downward dog...she may need therapy.  And a milk bone. 

Friday, July 2, 2010

I heart ladybugs

This lovely lady was just hanging around at one of my photoshoots, so I snapped a couple pictures of her!

I had to get a little closer and right after this shot, she fluttered off. 

Ladybug all dressed in red,
Strolling through the flowerbed.
If I were tiny, just like you...
I’d creep among the flowers too!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Corvallis, OR Newborn Portrait Session

This adorable little guy had a bit of a rough start in this world.  On the morning of my appointment to take his pictures, he had to go back to the doctor for an unplanned weight check.  He was also jaundiced and required light therapy.  So I literally ended up with about 20 minutes of shooting time (plus mom nursing him once)!  It was a whirlwind, but I'm pretty happy with these shots!

The snarl was so cute!

Loved this hat!

Sweet eyes

Can't go wrong with black and white

Precious baby head

Well hello there, handsome!

Sweet sleeping lips. I heart sleeping lips.

He also ended up being admitted to the hospital a couple of months later for RSV!  Poor baby, Trevin!  He is doing well and his mom reports that he is smiling all the time! 
What a doll!