Thursday, February 24, 2011

Birthday/Snow Day...Christopher is 10!

What better birthday present could a 10-year-old ask for than a day off from school...with snow?!  We were so happy to wake up to this gorgeous winter wonderland.  By 8am we had a good 4 inches of snow.  The kids were in heaven...beautiful, snow white heaven!  The birthday boy, however, slept right through our snow play.  Boys!  He didn't roll out of bed until 10am, but that's what no-school days are for, right

Just a few shots from our fun...Avonleigh was BY FAR the champ today!  She was laying in the snow, rolling in it, making snow angels, burying her head, you name it!  The kid was soaking wet and didn't mind a bit!

We brought Harley out front to play with us and, I dare say, he had more fun than the kids!

After coming in from our "yum, yummy world, whipped cream day" (Beth Harline I'm totally thinking of you), we enjoyed a delicious hot breakfast of: scrambled eggs, waffles, toast, orange juice and hot chocolate.

Christopher had a quiet birthday...and that's not a bad thing!  Love you, Buddy!


Hey friends,
What do YOU do when school is cancelled?  Hooray for family time!


michelle said...

A. How did I not know you had a dog?
B. Love, love the pics- I should have known you would be out taking gorgeous pictures.
C. Happy Birthday Christopher!

Sarah Z said...

Holy cow! that's alot of snow for you guys! Just as we were warming up here, we got dumped with 10 inches last night (no lie!)...and it's already melted! Nice to have a recent post! How are you guys?? Happy Birthday to Christopher! I'm sorry that we are such terrible aunt and uncles that can't keep up with all the birthdays! I'm loving your header pic too...

leilani said...

Wonderful shots! :)