Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beauty, Grace and the Voice of an Angel

But enough about me! hahahaha

Seriously though, I'm talking about the ever-amazing and absolutely stunning: Mindy Gledhill.  She recently launched her Anchor tour and made a stop in Hillsboro last night for her first-ever Oregon show!  She did not disappoint!  The event took place at the lovely Venetian Theater
I have been friends with Mindy on FB (this is her fan page, her personal page is full!) for a few years and we used to message back and forth quite a bit, but as she has gotten so busy (and so well-known!), it's harder to keep with everyone, I'm sure!  So I was honored when she sent me a message letting me know she was going to be in my area (give or take a couple hours) and was hoping to meet me at her show. 

My sister-in-law, Jessica knew about the show and wanted to go, but didn't want to go alone - perfect!  As the week wore on, Mr. Charming decided he wanted to go and make a date night of it (fun!).  So the morning of, I got a call from the babysitter that something had come up and we were suddenly without a sitter!  My mother-in-law graciously agreed to watch all of the kiddos (my 5, plus Jessica's 3), but couldn't be home until 5:45ish.  The concert started at 7:30 and it was a 2 hour drive.  Not good. 

Did I mention that the weather was atrocious?  Horrible, dark, windy, thick sheets of rain coming down by the bucketfull!  When push came to shove, Mr. Charming generously offered to stay behind and watch the kids so Jessica and I could leave early.  Since he wasn't going, I had an extra ticket and he suggested I take Laethym.  Perfect!

So us 3 girls hit the road shortly after 5pm.  We arrived at the Venetian a little after 7pm.  We were only 1/2 an hour early, so I thought for sure we would end up with poor seats.  Boy was I wrong!  Front row, baby!!  They were the perfect seats - center isle, front row, last 3 seats on the left.  Loved it!

It was an amazing show and I was so enjoying every minute of it, happily clicking away, when Mindy walked over and grabbed her camera and asked, "Is Stephanie here?"! 
Uhhhhh what?  I totally thought she knew someone else named Stephanie...
Then she expounded, "Stephanie the photographer?".
Oh, yes!  That's ME!

Then she handed me her camera and asked if I would take some shots of the show!  Heck ya!  I spent the first several minutes worrying that I wouldn't get her camera figured out.  No pressure!  So I took several shots with her camera and the same shots with mine.  It all worked out just fine and I promised to send her all of my proofs.

After the show she came down and got her camera and visited with us for a few minutes (kindly recalling our ordeal with Payton and asking how she was).  She is so personable, it was like chatting with an old friend.  The thing I love about her is that's just how she is, I don't think fame has changed her and I don't think it will change her in the future.  She is well-grounded and is able to put things into perspective.  As she said, (I'm paraphrasing) "I don't balance it all, everything has give and take and you roll with it and learn from it."  She shared all kinds of wonderful tidbits about her lyrics and the meaning behind her songs and lots of exciting things that are coming up for her (I hope to be able to share more later...).

Just a fantastic lady! 

Ok, on to the pictures!

This is the lovely Debra Fotheringham who opened up for Mindy.  She was great!

Isn't she adorable?  And so, so talented!

Ryan Tilby was Mindy's only accompanist and was fantastic!  Earlier in the day, Mindy tweeted this quote from Ryan: "It's like a jogging convention for hippies" - being in Whole Foods in Portland! haha  SO true!

The famous red keytar!

Mindy invited all of the children to come up on stage and help her with "All About Your Heart".  See my Laethym all the way to the left in the black and white?  She was so excited!  She walked over and handed Mindy a silly band (cute kid)!

What an incredible night.  I'm so glad I had the chance to go and so happy for Mindy and all of her successes!  Check out her schedule here and see if she's doing a show in your area!  It is not to be missed!  And you lucky Utahns have many more opportunities to see her!

Thank you, Mindy for a ridiculously wonderful evening and for extending the hand of friendship to this lowly photographer.  You made my daughter deliriously happy and for that, alone, you have a fan for life.

**You can visit Mindy's blog here.
**And download her wonderful music on iTunes!


~Christine~ said...

Awesome pics. Thanks for sharing and writing about the awesome singer MINDY GLEDHILL! I haven't met her yet but hope to in the future!

Dianne K. Nelson said...

What a cool experience! Thanks for sharing! :)

Katherine said...

I had no idea you were so buddy buddy with the amazing Mindy Gledhill! That's amazing. (which is also like putting you on a 1, in the Bacon scale of NieNie and CJane!)

Seriously though, I am glad that you went, and had a great time, and that she was able to make it extra special for you and your sweet little miss.

Kate the Great said...

Pfft, that was me, signed into a different account.

50 Toes Photo said...

@Christine - Hi there and thanks for visiting! I sure hope you get the chance to meet her too!

@Diane - My pleasure! It was way cool!

@Katie - Did you honestly think I wouldn't know who "Katherine" was?! hehe You're funny! Yes, I have been following Mindy's music since before NieNie was blogging! Her first album came out in 2004 and she had sung on several complilation albums of church music, so yeah, it's been a long time! Actually, if I remember right, I first found NieNie because of the "Friday Face" she did on Mindy in 2007. Good times!

Mindy Gledhill said...

Stephanie! Thanks so much for the sweet post and for your generosity in sending me your photos. I'm so glad you could make it and that we could finally meet in person. Love, Mindy

April Irons said...

That's way cool Sis! After hearing about the concern I had to go online and listen to all the songs I could find of hers. Such great lyrics, fabulous voice AND adorable peronsality. Thanks for introducing me to Mindy's music, I will have to get a copy on Anchor. :) Love you!

Sarah Z said...

What a FUN g.n.o!