Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Dad taught me...

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday!  He has hit the big 6-0!  I can't believe it (in total fairness, he does NOT look - or act - his age)!  No matter how much older I get, or how old my kids get, in my mind, my parents never age.  They will always be the same young, vibrant, wonderful people who raised me.  They are still the ones I turn to when I have a question about anything (and they still give the best advice).  So, really, nothing has changed!

I was reflecting on all of the things I love about my Dad and all that he has taught me.  I decided to make a list, for my kids to read some day, because they too, adore this man.

My Dad taught me...

*that real men are caring, strong and sensitive too

*that one can never say “I love you” too often or give too many kisses

*that little girls were made to be adored by their daddies

*that life is a gamble, so it’s best to enjoy the good times

*that a good marriage involves more giving than taking

*that every couple should rub each others’ feet once in awhile

*that teaching your girls "self defense" means getting kicked in the...

*that thunderstorms should be witnessed from the front porch

*that every creature is wonderful and should be respected (and learned about)

*that every girl should know how to use tools and change a tire

*that a man should be just as skilled in the kitchen (and more willing to do the dishes!)

*that you never pass through a town without looking up a cousin

*to give a friendly wave whether you know them or not

*to always have a good joke ready to tell

*that a good son honors and cares for his parents

*that a woman always deserves roses

*that Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers

*to stand up for your rights, even if you don’t know what will happen next

*that honesty is the ONLY policy

*that learning never stops

*to admit when you're wrong and apologize (then move on)

*that calloused hands are a symbol of love
me and dad circa 1999


Tamra said...

"that little girls were made to be adored by their daddies" It's SO TRUE! Nothing can substitute for a good, honest, loving, hard working Dad who adores his children! Loved reading your post! It reminded me of all the reasons I love my own Dad and the Dad of my little girl! :)

Pinky said...

Oh boy! this made me cry! What a wonderful tribute to your Dad. You don't know how much it touched him! Thank you for your wonderfullness!
Da Mama