Tuesday, March 1, 2011

OSU Sheep Barns and lots 'o lambs

My friend, Dawn, invited us to join she and Virginia (and of course the kidlets) up at the OSU Sheep Barns this morning.  I invited my SIL, Jessica and we just had a little party up there (not really...it was kinda stinky)!  We haven't been for a couple of years (so Zeke has never been), and I was down to one child (weird!), so heck yeah, I went!  It was a lot of fun - albeit PACKED with peeps!  There must have been 4 or 5 field trip groups there, plus a ton of other people like us, just wanting to enjoy the cute little lambies (I secretly go to see the llamas...ssshhhhhh).  

A few shots from our time there: 
This boy.  I could eat him up.

How beautiful is she?  Seriously.

 Mr. Trevin...the most beautiful blue eyes - trust me, the lighting in there was awful and this pic does not do him justice!

Katarina and Virginia...beautiful ladies in pink!

Sweet lamb having a snack


Ahh, Corbin Michael...I sure love this kid!

The gang: Zeke, Jessica, Grayson, Corbin, Leneah, Dawn, Trevin, Katarina, Virginia and baby Elyssa packed safely away on her mama.

Cute cousins - I know, you'd never guess they were related, right?

Behold, the beauty that is Oregon

Goodbye Sheep Barns and lambies...see you next year!



so beautiful...you take amazing pics, even in the crappy lighting.

Jessica said...

LOVE that pic of Corbin and Zeke. I never realized how much they look alike!