Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sick day and a cute boy

We woke up this morning to 4 of the kids and myself feeling icky!  Fevers, body aches and sore throats all around.  Blech.  As Payton bobbed around, happy and annoyingly perky, the rest of us laid around and waited for the Tylenol to kick in.  Actually, it's really great to see Payton well and feeling good.  She has come a looooonnnnngggggggggg way since December!  Hallelujah!

But still, when five people are sick and feeling miserable, the one jumping around feelin' fine is not the most popular person in the room.  I'm just sayin'.

So Payton was the only one who made it to school today.  While I was making lunch I came out to ask the girls something and found this:
Oh my.  Don't you just want to kiss his chubby cheeks?

This is the face of a tired boy who wasn't feeling well and expended every last ounce of energy torturing his sisters.  He's a keeper!

Love those toes!

Yep, he's pure perfection. 

I just wanted to play around with some different photo editing techniques and textures.  I love the versatility in digital photo editing.  Fresh, fun, new every.single. time.  Love it. 

That being said, I hope to learn to shoot film...someday.

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Jordan_Halo said...

I do wanna kiss his cheeks!!! They look so plump and squeezably soft. His toes are really cute too!