Monday, February 28, 2011

Thanksgiving revisited

I heart the Foundation for a Better Life commercials.  They are perfect...just what people need to hear (and implement) these days.  I also love the LDS know, "Family, isn't it about time"?  That question goes through my head on a constant basis. 

I was editing some older photos on my computer and that was the phrase I thought of as I came across our Zahlmann Family Thanksgiving 2010 pics.  I had such a good time going through them!  I didn't post any (because I was busy editing an insane amount of family sessions - Christmas card season, ya know?!), so I thought I would share those now. 

Chris' family is so deeply rooted in family first.  It was the first thing that drew me into his family while we were dating.  And all these years later, I still love a good Zahlmann Clan gathering.  I especially love that several of them live close enough for our kids to get to play with their cousins on a fairly regular basis.  They have little adventures and compare toys, cartoons, games, etc.  They share common interests (silly bandz!) and learn from each other how to be better people.  I love them so.  Each and every one of them!

My only sadness with these pics is that Kari and Jose and their family couldn't make it (Florida is a LOOONNNGGG way to come from, ya'll)!  Next time, guys!

Cousin group hug!  Seriously, I love this pictures is SO many ways!!

New tradition - painting wood blocks for holiday decorating!  It was SOOO much fun!!  Next year we're painting for my house, right guys?  Hello?  Is this thing on? 

Group of girls painting away...the boys were watching football!

Todd and Sarah's beautiful family

My adorable nephew...we call him Frijolito...or as Payton says, "Frito-leeto"!

Group shot of the cousins...I think they like each other.

Belle hoppin' around - it was COLD!

Thanks for an AWESOME Thanksgiving and to many more shared together!


Sister Dodge said...

I love you guys SO much! These pictures are like little hugs to my heart. Thanks so much for sharing. Xoxoxox

Sarah Z said...

I was wondering what happened to these pics ;-D They turned out great! Do you mind emailing me the ones of my fam? Edited, or not, I want them for the kids scrapbooks. But the one you posted is cute enough to hang on a wall, right?! Thanks! Miss you guys...