Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today was a lovely Spring-like day (albeit cold in the morning)!  I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready for warmer weather and really looking forward to lots of beautiful outdoor shoots. 
This sweet little tulip sits all alone in our front vegetable garden.  She opens her bright, happy petals to the sun and closes them to the cold rain, waiting patiently for the warmth to come again. 

I have watched this process for the past week - as she was closed more often than not - and thought about how ready I am for the warm sunshine to come and STAY.  I want to stretch my arms up to the sun and feel it's warmth on my face.  I want to go somewhere without having to put coats on everybody.  I want to open all of the windows in the house and let the clean air in and stale, Winter air OUT!

It's Spring cleaning time!  For me (and unfortunately for my family), I have a ton of Spring cleaning to do with my business! My poor laptop has a whole 6 gigs of space left (of 450 GB)!  It's time to backup everything (again!) and start with a clean memory space.  It's time to make some big changes that I'm very excited about!  It's time to take things to a whole. new. level.

I will be making an announcement on May 1st - putting some good changes in place.  Until then, I will be posting frequently and having some fun stuff along the way.

Won't you join me on this Spring cleaning adventure

It's going to be fantastic.

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what changes? Why wait to announce? I hate surprises...how bout you just tell me? :)