Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Payton Jean is 4 years old

Oh this girl!  She can go from sweet and adorable...to snotty and flippant in 2 seconds flat (and usually with a hint of a smile on her face)!  And if you're [not] lucky, she'll throw it into hyperdrive and give you a healthy dose of chaotic destruction the second you turn your back on her!  Often times I want to hug/kiss/strangle her all at the same time!  She oozes personality and our family would definitely be duller without her! 

So when it was her birthday a couple of weeks ago, she wanted nothing more than to have her own photoshoot!  It was just a simple, quick shoot, but we had so much fun!  Her sisters joined in at the end and they giggled and played (and tooted) while I clicked away around them!  I sure adore these girls.  I'm so glad they have each other.

Her expression cracks me up.  I caught it just as she was turning around to give me a super-cheesy, squinty smile, but I liked this face much better!



love the natural giggly ones...so cute.

Sarah Z said...

Easy to please if all she wanted was a little photo shoot! I can't believe she is already 4! Happy Birthday Payton!! The pics are darling!
ps. I love the maternity pics below. My fav is the one on the bed, with her feet on the wall...LOVE it!
(just thought you'd like to know that the security word verification I am about to enter is "folfart"! silly:D

Pinky said...

Sweet Sweet Payton Jean. How we love this minx of a girl.. Happy Birthday Sweet Love. You captured her down to a T Mommie.