Monday, July 11, 2011

Letting go

I really appreciate all of the support & feedback you have given me after my last blog post!  I thought A LOT about it before I pressed "publish".  I meant what I said about not being afraid of failure this time around...however, I still fear rejection.  I think everybody has that insecurity at some point in their life (it's a miracle we ever survived middle school)!  So, as I got up from my computer desk again (still having not published my draft), my husband said, "You said you weren't afraid.  Don't you think it's time to start letting go of all fear - insecurities too?"  Smarty guy, that man of mine!  I think I'll keep him! 

So, yes, I'm letting go of a lot of things - not the least of which is unhealthy habits and unwanted fat!  Monday's are my weigh-in day and let me tell you, I have never been so excited to step on the scale.  I was down another 4 lbs this week!  Hooray!  I'll be posting my results as I go...just need to figure out that best way to do it!

Someone asked me if I felt tempted by my everyday surroundings (kids snacking, cooking for a family, etc).  Honestly, I have no cravings - as in ZERO.  This has never happened for me before.  EVER.  I am the Craving Queen!!  Before I contacted my health coach, I was living (barely) on chocolate and other simple carbs 3 meals/day!  It made me feel like garbage, but it was all I wanted (how's that for a paradox?).  I was told that the first four days would be the hardest, but after that my blood-glucose levels would even out and the cravings would go away.  I thought she was full of bologna (but not literally - love you Jacqui!).  But it was all true - I haven't had the slightest urge to "cheat" or go off plan for nearly 10 weeks!  But the best part for my family is, since I've started changing my habits and becoming more aware of how certain foods help (or hinder) the body, I've become a much more health conscience cook - and everyone is benefiting!

Truly, if I can make this work for me, anyone can!

Psst...head over to the photo blog for the mini engagement shoot I had tonight!


April Irons said...

Steph, I love how straight forward and open you are! I know how it makes you (everybody) feel vulnerable to put yourself out there like that. I love reading your updates because I feel that I’m finally getting to know my sister (as an adult). Funny how long that can take sometimes. You are definitely an inspiration to me both as a mother and as a person who is always striving towards inner happiness. I love you so much!

50 Toes Photo said...

@April - I love you too! Thank you for your sweet words, I cherish them. Now go kiss that cute nephew of mine!