Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Payton's hospital stay

It's been just about a month since Payton entered the hospital with her kidney infection.  She has come such a long way!  I wanted to get these pictures posted before too much time passes.  As awful as it is to spend time in the hospital, it was a good time for she and I to hang out and bond.  Her strength and sweet spirit never cease to amaze me.
In the ER...her fever had just reached 106 degrees and the staff was working on getting her admitted upstairs

 The next day, once her fever subsided, she was all smiles!

 Daddy brought her brothers and sisters up to visit her

 Christopher had a really hard time with it this time

 And of course, Grandma was always there to help and comfort

 She had gifts from friends - this one was from her little friend, Logan!

 How cute is this card?

 And she spent lots of time playing the iPad and listening to music...
 This was the softest, sweetest teddy bear from the Heningers - and she loved that it smelled like their house - happy, cozy thoughts!

 She FINALLY ate a little something - quesadilla!

But she was always up for a good laugh!  Love this girl SSSSOOOOOOOOO much!!

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