Friday, July 8, 2011

Payton's Visit to Doernbecher Children's Hospital

I took Payton up to Doernbecher's for her post-hospitalization check-up.

 She was very apprehensive, understandably so!  Stepping foot inside any hospital is a scary thing when you have experienced the kinds of things that go on there!

 But by the time she was called back, she was all smiles - and even a little (read: LOT) sassy!  The nurses fawned all over the flower in her hair and her sassy little strut!

 She played while waiting for her check-up

 She just didn't want to hold still for a picture!

After we were done, we headed across the skyway to the Tram.  Payton had talked about riding the Tram since our last appointment at OHSU in February!

 Waiting our turn

 She loved every second of our FOUR rides!

 And the view was pretty spectacular!

 Passing the other Tram

 Heading back up to OHSU

It was the perfect day to be up in the air!  She had a fantastic time together and my wonderful sisters-in-law kept the other kids for the day. 

We will return to Doernbecher's in December for a special procedure called a DMSA Scan.  This will tell us the amount of scar tissue on her kidneys and what kinds of future complications she may have.  It will also tell us if she has a hard-to-detect kind of reflux in her ureters - which would be causing the kidney infections.  So, until then, we are doing our best to keep her healthy!  I am so grateful for modern medicine and Payton's wonderful staff of pediatricians, nurses, NA's and urologists.  I hope she never has to go through this again.

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I hope she never has to go t hrough that again either...she is a sweetheart and who wouldn't love THAT hairband?...I want one.