Monday, August 22, 2011

A Big Announcement!

It's true.

Some of you may have already heard the news.

I can hardly believe it myself.

Oh, by the way, sorry for my absence in the blogging world - WORST. BLOGGER. EVER!

I can't wait to finish editing all of the recent weddings and sessions so I can share the amazingness we've been shooting!  With two more weddings coming up, that probably will happen later, rather than sooner...but I'm working like a mad woman!

Ok, back to the point of this pathetic excuse for a post...

Have you heard our news? 

You've already heard, haven't you?

Lots of exciting changes coming for us, no?  Unless you have no idea what I'm talking about...then none of this really makes sense now does it? goes...



(no, I'm NOT pregnant!)


Crazy, huh?

I never thought we'd leave the incredibleness of Corvallis...but alas, the time has come to move on.

I'm really excited because we are moving to my hometown of Florence, Oregon!

I drove down and registered the kiddos at the very same elementary school (even though they changed the name. LAME.) that I attended when we moved to Oregon 23 years ago. 

We certainly DID NOT pick the best month to be, can you please repeat after me, "Hey Steph, IT'S WEDDING SEASON!!!" 

Yeah, didn't think that through very well.  But that's ok - just don't invite yourself over to our house!  It's in pretty sorry shape right now!

As far as my photography goes - I have bookings here in Corvallis through November.  I will also be scheduling several days throughout the year to do sessions/mini-sessions.  So I will be up here a lot.  You're not getting rid of me that easily, Corvallis! ;o)  If you have a specific date that you'd like to book (wedding, family, senior sesh, etc.), just text/email me and we'll discuss!  I'll make the announcement on the photo blog as well.

Awesome.  I feel better having gotten that off my chest.

I can't wait to continue with my health coaching and photography in a new(ish) town...busy is good.

PS - Again, I'm so far behind in posting sessions, but this lovely maternity session will be on the photo blog soon(ish). 


kelleysbeads said...

Excited for you to be moving back to where your heart has been. Crossing fingers it doesn't conflict with the goPro weekend!

50 Toes Photo said...

Thank you Kelley! I won't be able to make it to the GoPro - and let me tell you how much my heart hurts reading all of the updates on the FB page! :o( My photography business has been booming and I booked a wedding for every weekend this month - gotta pay the bills! ;o) So, sadly, I won't be able to go to the reunion. I can't wait to see everyone's pics of it please post!

Kate the Great said...

BOOOO! *cough, shifty eyes* I mean, yay! :)

It's not like I'm just finding out, but I had to comment anyway.

It's a good thing you're such a popular photographer up here, because I think I'd run out of photo shoot reasons pretty quickly just as a guise to schedule BFF time. LOL

Cami said...

When are you guys taking off? I can't believe your moving, but so glad I can keep up with you on your blog and FB.

50 Toes Photo said...

Katie - You crack me up! You never need an excuse to schedule BFF time!

Cami - Hi! I got your sweet card in the mail the other day - you're amazing! I still have unsent thank you cards sitting in a box from my 3rd birth! It's bad.

We are leaving in about a week (can't believe it)! I'm sad to leave Franklin, ESPECAILLY knowing we're getting such a fabulous principal! Did you get all your kiddos in? I hope so!

Yes, I'm definitely happy for FB & blogs to keep up with everyone! Keep in touch!