Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Laethym's Baptism

August 13, 2011 was a very special day for our Laethym.  After months of preparation and waiting she was baptized by her daddy.  It was a wonderful day filled with family, friends and the Spirit of God.

Before pictures

 Getting ready to go into the font...

 Fresh outta the waters and ready to put her dress on...

 The sweet dress my mom made for her

Christopher holding Logan

 Papa and Nana with Laethym

 The kiddos: Christopher, Laethym, Avonleigh, Payton, Zeke

 Grandma and Grandpa with Auntie April, Logan and the kidlets

Mom and Dad with our Peanut

We were so humbled by the friends and family who came and the family who participated in the program.

Special thanks to:
Grandma & Grandpa - for the dress, the scriptures and the books
Nana -  for giving the talk on baptism
Aunt Jessica - for giving the talk on the Holy Ghost
Papa - for conducting
Aunt Molly - for playing the piano
Aunt Kym - for doing the music
Uncle Alan - for running the slide show (if only I could figure out how to post it online!!)
Uncles Scott & TJ - for being witnesses
And the special Priesthood holders who confirmed her: Daddy, Papa, Uncles Scott, TJ & Alan

We love you all!


Theres just life said...

What a wonderful day you had. Filled with love, laughter and family.

Pamela Jo

Kate the Great said...

She looks so beautiful! We were totally bummed not to be able to make it to her baptism, but are so proud of her!

Stephanie said...

Your kids are so adorable! I can't believe they are all yours!! You look way too young to have five kids 10 and under. You are such and awesome mommy!!

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