Monday, September 26, 2011

Weigh-in and a request

As promised...Monday's weigh-in, complete with pictures!

I just had to put a "before and during" on here because I really noticed a difference as I was looking through older pictures!  Hooray for progress!!

My Stats:
Current Weight: 233 lbs
Total Lost: 82 lbs
Current Size(s): I'm between an 18 and a 16 depending on the maker!  Can't wait to kiss plus sizes GOODBYE!!

I couldn't be happier or feel better!  This has been the most amazing last few months and I'm so thrilled to see the changes in myself and the changes that my family members have made as well!

I've been trying to map out a schedule for my everyday life, but that's been really...well, impossible!  I know things will slow down and we'll come to some semblance of order (soon).  I'm really, really excited to grow my health coaching clientele!!  And I'm asking for help from you, my friends!  If you follow my blog (whether I know you personally or not) and know of someone that I could help achieve optimal health, would you please pass along this blog on to them?  Or my website: 
I'm really working hard to spread the word and I appreciate your help!  

In love and health,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A small town, a cute boy and friends

I haven't blogged about this cute boy in a long time.  On Wed. evening we went to watch Laethym's friend's flag football game.  It was my first time on the school grounds of the new middle school.  That place is huge!  There were several games going on and lots of people.  It felt like such a small community and made me really excited to attend a high school football game in the near future!  And of course - take lots of pictures!  Speaking of which...this little guy was my star subject on Wed...I hope you enjoy his preciousness as much as we do!
Look at that dirty face! 

Um...this is his stink-eye! hahahahaha  I die. 

Laethym and Tay 

Yep, cuteness abounds 

He made a game out of picking flowers and shoving them down the hole in the top of the cone.  Then his sister moved the cone and he was not happy!  Still cute though! 

Check the blog tomorrow for Monday weigh-in including...PICTURES!  YIKES! 

Be happy,


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Life's A Beach

Avonleigh got to take the first field trip of the school year (of our kiddos) - and boy was she thrilled!  It was really fun for me to be able to chaperon her trip to the North Jetty.  We went to a little alcove that I had never been to.  I have no idea how I could have grown up here - hung out at that jetty a gajillion times and still didn't know about this place!  It was magical.  I can't wait to take the fam there!

The kids spent time wading through the cold, shallow waters looking for hermit crabs.  They must have collected more than two dozen.  It was pretty cute to see some of their reactions to the crabs and other interesting marine life they discovered. 

Then they moved down the beach a bit to play in the water, build sandcastles and forage around for debris.  It was just a really wonderful trip.  I think I would like to be a first-grader again - for a day.  But for this season of my life, I get to be a mother.  And I will continue to relive childhood through my children's experiences - it's so much better the second time around.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Weigh-in...couldn't wait!

I couldn't wait to blog this morning's weigh-in!  I'm down another 5 lbs (and I hope none of you found it!)! 

That brings my current weight to 235 lbs for a total loss of 80 lbs!  I seriously can not believe it!  It's only been 4.5 months - blows. my. mind.

My goal weight is 150 lbs which puts me about half way there!  AAAHHHHHHHH!!

Ok, since I still haven't taken a recent pic (that's ok, you don't really want to see me, do you?), I'm giving you a preview of this gorgeous senior...I love senior season!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Long weekend

Howdy guys!  Whew, it's been a whirlwind weekend for us!  Chris and I took the younger 2 kidlets and headed to Corvallis bright and early Friday morning.  Chris had some work and I had some photoshoots to do and in between I went to clean the old house - ugh, what a job this is going to be!  I think we need to have a cleaning party this coming Saturday!  Ok, it may be more of an excuse to hang out with some girlfriends, but whatever.

It was fun to spend the evening with the in-laws and let the cousins play together.  On Saturday morning, I met our bride at the salon with her bridesmaids and friends.  It was a really cute salon in Albany, OR that I'll be talking more about when I blog her wedding photos.  Chris met the groom/groomsmen/family at the house where the wedding would be and took the guy pictures.  The ladies showed up (limo style) and we had a great time shooting Tiffany and Brian's wedding!  Then we headed back to Albany to pick up the munchkins and make the long (it always feels longer at night) drive home to Florence.  We got home and settled at about 1am.  Thank goodness church doesn't start until 10am! 

Like I said, loooonnnngggg weekend!

It was so great to finally be here on a Sunday and make it to our ward!  I must say, I was feelin' pretty darn good - the skirt I wore today was a size 16!  Seriously, I started at a size 26!  But I forgot to take a picture!!  I promise ya'll, I will get to it!!  I weigh-in tomorrow morning and I'm excited to see the loss! 

Update tomorrow!

For now, I finally edited the kids' first day of school pictures:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monday Weigh-in...on Tuesday

Hi friends!  Well, the good news is that we're not dead (yet); the bad news is that this move seems like it's never. going. to. end!!

We "officially" moved to Florence on September 3rd, but came back to Corvallis last weekend to clean out the house and bring some more stuff back (including our old cat who disappeared the day of the first move).  Now we get to go up to Corvallis again (mostly for work - hooray!) to do some serious cleaning!  I hate moving.  At least the transition has been nice and easy(ish) on the Florence end of things!  The only problem lately is that I haven't been able to get online!  And for someone who does EVERYTHING online?  Well, let's just say "excruciating" doesn't quite describe it!  And for some reason (probably the weak signal here), I'm not getting all of my emails, FB messages, etc on my iPhone!  Again, UBER frustrating!  So I really haven't been able to get on FB, blog, etc like usual, but I think my wonderful Mr. Charming got it fixed for me! 

I still have a gazillion and one photos to edit and several sessions to shoot this week, plus a wedding on Saturday!  It's crazy - but crazy seems to be the norm in our household!

Speaking of crazy - I am down a total of 75 lbs since May!  How cool is that?  What took me a year to gain, I've lost in 4 months!  I'm so happy!  Even with the stress of life, work, the move, coming to the home of comfort foods, etc., I'm still doing it!  I don't have a current pic - 'cause I haven't been good about taking one, but I will - probably at the wedding on Saturday (or after church on Sunday)!  Seriously, I will revive the blog (remember: internet probs)! hehe

Let me just say: I have heard from so many of you who are excited about my program and want to learn more - and that is SUPER thrilling to me!!  If I haven't gotten back to you yet, please know that I will...and feel free to send another message to prod me along!  My fear is that I will inadvertently miss someone - it is NOT intentional!  I'm working on it!

I was going to leave you pictures of the 3 big kids' first day of school, but they are not uploading for me, so I will save that for another post - what a day that was!

Ok, I'm off to bed, but I'll be back soon(ish)...with pictures...and recipes...and some good posts...and treats (haha, j/k)!

Love and hugs,