Sunday, September 18, 2011

Long weekend

Howdy guys!  Whew, it's been a whirlwind weekend for us!  Chris and I took the younger 2 kidlets and headed to Corvallis bright and early Friday morning.  Chris had some work and I had some photoshoots to do and in between I went to clean the old house - ugh, what a job this is going to be!  I think we need to have a cleaning party this coming Saturday!  Ok, it may be more of an excuse to hang out with some girlfriends, but whatever.

It was fun to spend the evening with the in-laws and let the cousins play together.  On Saturday morning, I met our bride at the salon with her bridesmaids and friends.  It was a really cute salon in Albany, OR that I'll be talking more about when I blog her wedding photos.  Chris met the groom/groomsmen/family at the house where the wedding would be and took the guy pictures.  The ladies showed up (limo style) and we had a great time shooting Tiffany and Brian's wedding!  Then we headed back to Albany to pick up the munchkins and make the long (it always feels longer at night) drive home to Florence.  We got home and settled at about 1am.  Thank goodness church doesn't start until 10am! 

Like I said, loooonnnngggg weekend!

It was so great to finally be here on a Sunday and make it to our ward!  I must say, I was feelin' pretty darn good - the skirt I wore today was a size 16!  Seriously, I started at a size 26!  But I forgot to take a picture!!  I promise ya'll, I will get to it!!  I weigh-in tomorrow morning and I'm excited to see the loss! 

Update tomorrow!

For now, I finally edited the kids' first day of school pictures:

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your little man looks all grown up...Holy Cow. Sorry you are having such long will settle soon right?