Sunday, September 25, 2011

A small town, a cute boy and friends

I haven't blogged about this cute boy in a long time.  On Wed. evening we went to watch Laethym's friend's flag football game.  It was my first time on the school grounds of the new middle school.  That place is huge!  There were several games going on and lots of people.  It felt like such a small community and made me really excited to attend a high school football game in the near future!  And of course - take lots of pictures!  Speaking of which...this little guy was my star subject on Wed...I hope you enjoy his preciousness as much as we do!
Look at that dirty face! 

Um...this is his stink-eye! hahahahaha  I die. 

Laethym and Tay 

Yep, cuteness abounds 

He made a game out of picking flowers and shoving them down the hole in the top of the cone.  Then his sister moved the cone and he was not happy!  Still cute though! 

Check the blog tomorrow for Monday weigh-in including...PICTURES!  YIKES! 

Be happy,


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