Thursday, October 13, 2011

Duncan Island

Last Friday I was able to accompany Christopher’s class on a field trip to Duncan Island.  I was amazed that having grown up in this small town, I had never been to (nor heard of) Duncan Island.  It was quite a drive…on a bus…with fifty 5th graders...and a very colorful bus driver!  Interesting to say the least.

It was a drizzly, cool day, but by the time we stepped off the bus, the crisp air was a welcomed change.  

Christopher has the coolest teacher this year - he has been such a blessing!  And, he's a BEAVER fan!  We are kinda hard to come by in this little town of Ducks!

 The day was filled with interesting facts about nature and gorgeous scenery.  I think the kids had a really good time - such a nice change to sitting in a classroom all day!  I loved being outdoors (yes, even in the rain!) and getting to hike all over the expansive property.  It really got me to thinking - I don't think I could have gone on this trip 5 months ago.  Although the weather would have been considerably better, I couldn't have walked around and been up and down from the ground snapping pictures at a full 90 lbs heavier!  I can walk (and run) and still have energy to burn - I feel amazing!

One of my 5th grade teachers asked if he could take a picture of Christopher and I - I'm so glad he did!

These caterpillars were everywhere!  I just had to get a shot of the black and orange caterpillar against Christopher's OSU sweatshirt.

It was a great day.  There were some funny moments…and some not-so-funny moments (that you may have read about on Facebook), but overall, my son and I were able to make memories and preserve them through photos.  And I wouldn't have missed that for the world.

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that is such a cute pic of your and Christopher. You look amazing Steph.