Monday, October 17, 2011

Client Brag

If I told you this lovely lady was my sister, you'd probably believe me.  We get asked that question more often than anything else!  I only hope my girls get asked that question when they're my age! 

My mom...what to say about her - I've said it before and I'll say it again, "To know her, is to love her".  It's really that simple.

So obviously my first client brag is about my mom!  She is down nearly 100 lbs!  Let me say that again, SHE IS DOWN NEARLY 100 LBS!!!! 
Shout for joy - I sure did!!  What a phenomenal accomplishment!

She has committed to joining my Health for the Holidays Challenge which starts Monday, Oct 17th!  I'm sure that by Christmas she will be right at (or very close to) her goal weight. 

I went through some older photos of mine to try and find a good example of just how far my mom has come on her weight loss journey - I think this one adequately shows that:

This was a horrible cell phone pic that someone took of mom and I when we met Jane Clayson Johnson at Time Out For Women in the Spring of 2007.

You rock, mom!  Thanks for being an inspiration to so many!  Love you!



holy cow...she looks amazing. k, I am hesitant (I hate failing, but I am in).

Sweet Polly Purebred said...

Wow! What a difference. She looks great!

Kate the Great said...

Holy Hotty Pinky! Look at that side profile. Your mom has always been pretty, but she is looking amazing now a days. Keep it up Pinky!