Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday weigh-in and Challenge KICK OFF!

I know, I know...Monday was yesterday!  I was so busy, I chose sleep over blogging!!  

I'm SUPER excited for all of the participants in the Health for the Holidays Challenge!!  We are officially underway (as of yesterday).

I will be posting this week about our participants and tell a little bit about them, as well as their starting information.  I hope they will be commenting so you can get to know them and help support them as well!

*If you still want to join - I'm all for it!  It may mean you'll have to work a little harder (depending on how soon you do so), but it can only make you a stronger (and healthier) person!!

Ok, now I'll answer the questions that I asked all of my participants to answer:

*You can call me: Stephanie, Steph, "Hey you" or "the incredible shrinking woman" (hehe)
*My official starting weight is: 226 lbs
*My goal is to lose 25 lbs in 9 weeks
*My motivation level is a 10 BAY-BEE!
*If I won the $50 I would use it to buy a new pair of running shoes!

There you have it...I'm officially in! hehe

Wanna join us?  Shoot me an email!  Make this the first of many healthy holidays!

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