Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blog on Life Support

Dear Blog,

I miss you!  I'm sorry that I haven't been there for you.  Let's be friends again, shall we?

I've had my blog near the top of my "To Do" list for quite a while now.  Then life gets busy and I move it to the bottom...get mad at myself and move it to the nauseam....rinse...repeat.  I told Mr. Charming that I feel like I'm squelching my talents by not exercising them!  I love to write - like, A LOT.  And I always use the goodest grammar I knowed how to! [puke]  But seriously, I miss the time that I used to devote to my writings (poetry, stories, lyrics, etc).  But, life happens and priorities have to change, right?  

So here's me, jumping back on the blogging bandwagon.  I want to have an electronic journal to be able to pass on to my children when they are grown.  This life isn't perfect - it wasn't meant to be.  We all experience the good with the bad.  We love the happy and mourn the sad.  I love looking back and living a memory more fully through the written word.  Like reading a good book and having the pages jump to life - it's important with my feeble(ish) mind to have those details recorded.

I am also (once again), letting go of some of my perfectionism and will be posting photos on here more!  I may not take the time to edit every single one - or even use my "big girl" camera, but there will be photos!  I love my iPhone and I take a ton of pictures...I'm ready to share those on a regular basis!  Wow, that feels liberating!  

I sure love and appreciate my dear friends and family.  I love that you guys care enough to give me nudges (Katie) when the blog is sub-par!  I know what I need to do and I'm switching up my priorities!  I'm so looking forward to opening up our lives a little more...personally.  If you're reading this, I love you.  Just know that things will be changing and I will be sharing our JOY with you!  So here's to reporting, recording and reliving (& reviving the blog)!  
Life is good.  God is great.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride...

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Evan and Charitie said...

YEAH! I'm so glad your blogging again. I look forward to hearing and seeing more about one of the most amazing people I know. :) Miss you!