Monday, November 7, 2011

HFTHC Week 3 Weigh-in

Howdy guys and gals!  It's end of another week for our Health for the Holidays Challengers!

Here are the week 3 weigh-ins!!

Chris [311 starting] current: 307.6 for a gain of .46%  
Cracker [175 starting] current: 166.2 for a loss of 1.42% 
Dawn [181.4 starting] current: 174.6 for a loss of 1.36% 
Deena [171.8 starting] current: 169.5 for a loss of 0% 
Heather [205 starting] current: 191 for a loss of 2.55% 
Jani [286.8 starting] current: 284.6 for a gain of .97%
Mylee [149 starting] current: 145 for a gain of .69%
Emily [195 starting] current: 189 for a loss of 1.05%
Pinky [184 starting] current: 175.8 for a loss of 1.57% 
Stephanie [226 starting] current: 219.0 for a loss of .73% 
Wendi [170 starting] current: 166 for a loss of 0% 
Mary [246 starting] current: 242.8 for a loss of 0%

And the total loss for this week is: 20lbs!  Total weight lost as a group: 75.5 lbs!!  That is awesome!  We are doing great things [get this] during the MOST difficult time of year!  I am seriously SO impressed with all of you!

Congrats to Heather - our biggest loser this week!!  Way to go on a huge loss!

Ok, we are fully into November now.  Things are [maybe] getting harder.  My challenge to you this week is to practice the K.I.S.S. method (if you have the mentality of a 12 y/o, like me, you just giggled): Keep It Super Simple!  Focus on each day as it comes, but plan ahead.  If you know you have a dinner party to attend, either eat ahead of time and just snack on the healthy foods there, OR eat there but make wise choices.  Fill the majority of your plate with (non-fried) veggies and fresh fruit, then a small portion of protein (about the size of a deck of cards), and lastly the grains and dairy.  And drink PLENTY of water!
Don't forget to get your body movin'!  Park further away from the grocery store.  Take the stairs.  Get a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps/day.  Just little things will make a big difference! ;o)

I'm thinking of each of you!

Call/text/email ANY time!  For reals.


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