Tuesday, November 15, 2011

HFTHC Week 4 Weight-in

Howdy guys and gals!  It's end of another week for our Health for the Holidays Challengers!

Here are the week 4 weigh-ins!!

Chris [311 starting] current: 302.4 for a loss of 1.69%  
Cracker [175 starting] current: 164.2 for a loss of 1.2% 
Dawn [181.4 starting] current: 174.6 for a gain of 1.37% 
Heather [205 starting] current: 191 for a loss of 0%
Jenn is new and started with a loss of 2.78% 
Mylee [149 starting] current: 143 for a loss of 1.38%
Pinky [184 starting] current: 173.6 for a loss of 1.25% 
Stephanie [226 starting] current: 215.2 for a loss of 1.74% 
Wendi [170 starting] current: 168 for a gain of 1.2% 
Mary [246 starting] current: 241 for a loss of .74%

And the total loss for this week is: 22.5lbs!  Total weight lost as a group: 98 lbs!!  We have rid the planet of almost 100 lbs!!  Yea!!  I'm gonna keep repeating...We are doing great things during the MOST difficult time of year!  I am seriously SO impressed with all of you!

Congrats to Jenn - our biggest loser this week!!  Way to go on a huge loss!

Something I want to address that comes up a lot (men, feel free to stop reading - unless you're a wonderful, sensitive husband who wants to know how to help his wife feel better): Let's face it ladies, when it's THAT time of the month, YOU'RE GOING TO WEIGH MORE!  Your body is doing it's thing and (like it or not) you will retain water and you may have other less desirable symptoms (bloating, cramps, nausea, etc).  That's just the way it is.  
But DON'T let it ruin your efforts!  Just know that you will either not lose that week, or lose less than you normally would.  I have been on my program for exactly 6 months and not once have I gained (b/c I'm still burning more fat each week than my body will retain in water that week).  And the flip side to that is that usually the week after your period, you will have a little more significant weight loss - so really, it all balances out!
So, remind yourself when that time is coming that you may not have the success you were hoping for, but it's only temporary!  Husbands: remind your wife of her goals and encourage her to stick to them...that scale will move!

Here's to another week of successes!

Call/text/email ANY time!  For reals.


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