Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Recap 2011

Can you believe Christmas is over?!  I can't.  I'm so sad.  I love the feeling of this time of year - love the music, love the decorations, love the goodwill.  Sigh.  

Christmas Eve was filled with the hustle and bustle of our busy household...wrapping presents, last minute errands, secret Santa stuff, ya know, the ush.  Mr. Charming & the kids took turns reading from Luke 2 and we talked about the Christmas story (the true meaning of Christmas).

We made a goodie plate for Santa...but with a little twist:
Dear Santa, Call me. 

And this was left in the morning:
 Santa loved our healthy goodies!  He leaves the kids a letter every year and I have say, this year's was the best!  That Mr. Chris Kringle is quite the guy, if I do say so myself!

We had a wonderful Christmas morning at our house.  It actually started the night before with the kiddos waking up every hour to see if it was time to get up yet!  It was a looooooong night, ya know?  When they did finally get up, they all had time to go through their stockings, eat breakfast and get ready for church.

The Christmas Program was fantastic!  All 4 of the older kids sang with the primary children.  It was such a blessing to hear from their sweet little voices!  We were also blessed to hear from our youth - the Young Men's & Young Women's organizations.  Then the church choir provided most of the other songs (along with a few solos and some congregational hymns).  The beautiful music filled the air and the feeling of contentment in the room was palpable.  I was especially proud of my Christopher and Laethym who sang their little hearts out with the choir - they are the only primary-aged (18 mo-12 years) children in the choir.  It was a lovely morning!

After church we came home and everyone changed back into their pjs!  Are we lazy bums or what?!  It was soooooooooo nice!  The kids were champing at the bit, so I grabbed my camera and we all gathered in the living room for the great handing out of presents!  The kids were just a little excited...  

 Zeke and his new gloves (but if you say it like him, they're "glubbs")

 We were dying to see him open this...his very own Ben 10 Omnitrix watch and Rath figurine!  It seriously, has not left his wrist in 3 days!

 He was super excited!

 Hey there little Ben 10 dude!  You're kinda cute!

 I adore these vintage-style blocks he got!

Hugging the Beaver football that Grandma & Grandpa got him

 The pink Barbie camera she had asked for

 The all-important pink bubble gum

 Another favorite: Cut 'n Style Princess Barbie

Rapunzel!  She was so excited to have these dolls!! 

Taking a picture of my baby, taking a picture of her baby...

 My little artist was so thrilled with all of her art supplies!

 OMG!  Orbeez Gel Beads jewelry set!!  Soooooo happy! SIDENOTE: If you don't watch your kids every second of the day, you may want to rethink this gift...GEL BEADS EVERYWHERE! F'rills

More art supplies!!

 How cute are those Aeropostale boots?  Love them!

 Oh yay, more gel beads

The Password Journal!  Now her life is complete!

 Sweet church shoes!


We had a full-blown Christmas Story incident at our house...
Mr. Charming: "Hey Buddy, can you check the corner and see if we need more firewood?"
Christopher: "Ok. Hey dad, there's another gift back here..."

 "It says 'To: Christopher'! and it's covered in tape!"

LOTS of tape
 Scissors are required

 I think he peed himself a little

Not exactly a "Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Riffle" but it'll do!

I was thoroughly spoiled!
 Lovin' these bangles!

 My new hat and scarf - my girls have some serious fashion sense!

Daddy opening his cologne from the kids...Payton was more excited than he was! 

The aftermath (and this was after we cleaned up)! 

The Hexbugs were such a huge hit! 

Say, "Hello" to Mama Kitty (we call her Garfield) and Spaz.  She's his mommy...she hates his guts...and he lives to torture her.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she tried to off him (twice) when he was born.

And then we had this for dinner...
It was a most wonderful Christmas!  I'm still not ready to take down the decorations, but I'm super excited for what this new year holds and what our Christmas will be like in 2012!

Hope you all had a Happy Christmas, Merry Holidays and all that jazz! 

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